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This new easy travel method can help you to adjust your trip to your personal preferences and needs. Visitors to Greece love to have an experience that is tailored to their personal needs and that appeals to them individually. The experience that they crave is a holiday setting which is full of activity.

The packages have to be authentic and offer a bit of a challenge with a real host leading them right through it. This is what an experienced travel agent brings to the table.


Why you Need an experienced easy travel agency?

  • Personalized planning.
    Rest assured that you will have trips which are customized to factor in your needs, as well as, your interests and your budget.
  • Get value for your cash.
    When it comes to pricing, working with an experienced travel agent will give you access to lesser prices for the same value. If you have to do it yourself, you will definitely spend more. With a travel agent, you can get access to bonuses like free nights, breakfast every day, and more.
  • Connections.
    An experienced travel agent has built relationships with the people who are crucial – In arranging surprises and experiences to guarantee you extraordinary memories.
  • VIP services.
    Yes, we will give you access to private tours, exclusive events, and so much more.
  • By asking discerning questions that help them understand how your mind works; You are guaranteed a trip that is magical in every aspect. You stand to get a lot when you have an expert by your side.

You stand to get a lot when you have an expert by your side.

By considering every detail, unique experience will be created for you from the point of travelling; Until the end of your visit to Greece. Greecefully will make use of their inside information, strategic contacts, and all their expertise to create an experience that is full of surprises all through your adventure.

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  1. Scuba diving in Greece – The famous Ionian islands at your deposal.

There are over 5,000 islands in Greece which happens to be one of the best spots in Europe if you’re a lover of scuba diving. The entire coastline of Greece, with respect to the Mediterranean, measures about 13,500 km. Greece provides you with so many alternatives, but your trip will not be complete if you do not get to dive in its blue waters.

You can go scuba diving in the Ionian Sea which has a lot of beauty and inspiration that you are better off witnessing it firsthand. Between Kefalonia and Ithaca; You’ll find crystal clear waters which are very visible for a length of about 30 to 40 meters. This provides optimum conditions for you to go scuba diving in Greece.

You get to benefit from the following: 

  • Accommodation for every night you spend in Kefalonia.
  • As many dives as possible.
  • Arranged transportation services.
  • Wine tasting escapades accompanied by a cooking lesson.
  • Excursion tours when you go to Kefalonia.
  • Breakfast and meals for you.

If you are here in Greece for a holiday, take a diving tour to get a satisfying experience. There are dive sites that are adventurous, as well as, underwater caves. You’ll get to connect with the beautiful corals including rare species of fish. Also, your experience will come with fantastic accommodations at every Greek island.

Diving in Greece 2019
  1. Aegean Adventure; More than 10 islands and exclusive beaches.

This trip will create endless memories for you. It’s time for an adventure into the big blue as you will get to swim in turquoise waters while riding across the big vast blue. There are afternoon swims, as well as, locations that have been specially selected for you; To experience the superb offerings of the islands. You get to ride a line rib boat which will take you through the Aegean in glamorous fashion.

You will get to explore beautiful places such as Mykonos, Delos, Paros, Antiparos, Despotiko, as well. Also, Naxos, Syros, Irakleia, and more. Mykonos island will be the start point of your exploration all the way through the other islands and amazing beaches.


The highlights of your adventure are as follows: 

  • Accommodation all through your stay.
  • RIB boat captain that is certified.
  • Exclusive transport services.
  • Breakfast, lunch, and a complimentary dinner.
  • Optional visits to historical sites.

From day 1, settle comfortably in your villa and immediately begin to explore Mykonos; Which is a very vibrant town or you could visit the beaches to recover your energy lost during your trip. You’ll get to have a welcome dinner during your first evening. These experiences will continue until the last day; Where your adventure eventually culminates in beautiful memories that you will never forget. We have your transportation covered, so, getting to the airport should not be a problem.

Aegean Adventure tour
  1. Family holidays at spectacular Costa Navarino

Welcome to Peloponnese where you will get to see one of Greece’s superb luxury family resorts. The Costa Navarino resort. This is arguably the best hangout spots for families; Where you get to see a combination of adventure, fun, and history, as well as, nature and relaxation. The environment is truly fantastic, evidenced by majestic beaches, valleys, as well as, mountains and gorges.

There are nature expeditions and very fantastic local cuisine; That has been designed for families which will help you get more acquainted with the diverse landscapes of Greece.

Messenia is a southwestern peninsula that is easily accessible and has very ravishing landscapes. Check out the forested mountains, waterfalls and the pristine beaches. Which beautify the coast, the beautiful climate, and the rich cuisine that will get all your senses rejoicing. And, yes, Costa Navarino which is comprised of a 1340-hectare coastline with hills that are carpeted by olive. Overlooking it is a sandy beach, as well as, the Ionian Sea. In fact, this is the place for you and your family if you wish to escape to a place where the energy is positive, the food is top notch, and the services are premium.

Easy travel Family holidays
  1. Yoga, meditation and Tai Chi – Wellness tourism!

This is a very unique travel package which will breathe life into your body and mind when you make your way to the Arcadia mountains, as well as, the Peloponnese peninsula. The weather here is crisp, and you’ll get amazing mountain views.

There’s something unique about this mountain that will give you all the inspiration that you need as you make it to its height where the breeze flows nonstop. There is a lot to enjoy with the yoga wellness travel package which includes – superb accommodation, yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, including other spectacular activities. Get to taste the best of cuisine and relax all through your stay.

Keep in mind that is package is a seasoned tour. It is exclusive and is only scheduled for the season in September.

Easy travel wellness trip

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  1. I look forward to doing this again. Scuba diving was one of the best things about my trip to Greece, and the tours of its historical sites were mind-blowing.

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