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Your personal travel designer guides you with the best tips for all inclusive Greece.

Top 5 Bespoke travel packages, from experts. This article tells you about fun adventures and activities you can engage in while being in the home of beautiful islands, Greek gods, crystal clear waters and unique destinations.

If you know someone who would give a lot for a holiday to Greece, then you should know why as Greece has become a home and attraction for many tourists. It’s becoming a top spot for vacations, holidays and people come from all over the world to even taste the finest wine Greece has to offer. Home of the great Greek gods like Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Athena, etc., People who share this interest just come to view and the culture of something they love so much.


Best Boutique travel agency 2019 for all inclusive Greece

Many books, movies, and comics have painted Greece in such amazing light; I doubt anyone would want to pass it up. Beautiful landscapes, amazing islands, crystal clear waters, is there anything not to love about this wonderful country?

If you’re planning to travel for a holiday or a honeymoon or whatever, you might want to find an experienced travel designer. Enquiry Form – Villas in Greece with private pool.

As a travel designer would ensure you get to visit the best and most interesting place in such an iconic wonder and is always considered the best option than going without any idea on what to do and where to go, thereby missing out on the fun.

Why do I need a Travel designer for my trip to Greece?

A very interesting question. You see, a travel designer is just like a teacher, you need one to basically understand the purpose of school. A travel designer is one who is familiar with the structure and function of a place, as well as culture and history.

A travel designer would help your hands in choosing places you need to visit and places you could pass up till at least your next trip. A travel designer would also create a unique tour for you in other to enjoy your stay as a tourist and get the best experience possible.

We are very certain going to a place of interest without getting our fill can be ultimately disappointing And might weaken our spirits. In wanting to visit again as well as recommending a friend or colleague. Now, this is where a Travel designer comes in handy as their packages let you bask yourself in the richness of Greece culture as well as the archaeological and architectural history.

Your travel designer would also look for the perfect place for you to stay, based on your budget, that way you don’t have to spend a whole lot checking from hotel to hotel without quite getting a fair price.


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All inclusive Greece

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Aegean Sea

Here are a few things your Travel Designer would suggest to you.

Top 5 unique travel packages from the Greecefully’s team. Let our people prepare everything for your vacations in Greece.

1) Aegean Adventure

Talking about a beauty everyone needs to behold, the Aegean Sea has to be there is the very top. The Aegean islands have an amazing turquoise colour which catches the eyes. With water so clear and the surrounding environment so serene, this is the place to be. A good place for diving as well are snorkelling; this water has come to be one of the tourist’s main attraction over the years.

If you don’t like diving or as much as getting into the water, there is absolutely nothing to worry about, and you can enter the boats and take a leisure cruise while still enjoying the beauty exuding from the Aegean.

The beautiful islands of the Aegean are known for their part in the very popular Greek mythology, and these islands were considered a place where some gods, titans and other mythical creatures lived or came for their own relaxation.

Then we have other amazing islands such as:

Paros, Antiparos, despotiko Which all come with their ancient and interesting architecture. Other beautiful islands include koufonissia, Irakleia and of course Schinoussa.

These islands consist of the Delos, which is believed to be where the twin gods were born and Rineia which has amazing little beaches. All this scenery also looks breathtaking in pictures, and you’re are sure to be the talk of the whole of Facebook and Instagram. All inclusive Greece 2019.

Another island with utmost serene, clear water as well as traditionally made cuisines from locals which taste so nice, you would be asking for more in no time. The beautiful island of Syros has surreal architecture, which is one of the best and sort after islands in the southern region of the Aegean.


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2) Athens City Break

One of the many side attractions of Greece has to be its capital, Athens. Some people think it was named after Athena, the goddess of wisdom. If it was, then she wouldn’t be disappointed. It is also thought to be home of Greek gods that ruled from Mount Olympus. Over time, Athens has come to be a very civilized and beautiful city which has achieved a lot over the years. It is a great combination of modern lifestyle and of course, the traditional lifestyle.

Getting a Greece Holiday package from your travel designer (All inclusive Greece 2019), you would get a chance to visit the remains of classical Athens, and it would be just like the movies set in that period. Athens is home for a lot of history; it was where the great Plato and Aristotle established the academy and Lyceum. And let’s not forget Piraeus Which was used to let in commodities and people. Hence, the town is seen because of the birth of each democracy and Western civilization.

Athens is considered a world-class tourist attraction and it always has a great climate as well as good Accommodation for you to enjoy every bit of your stay. There are many museums in the city of Athens including the popular Museum of the Acropolis.

There is also the Olympic Stadium where in 2012 Olympics, in the run-up, London received the Olympic torch. Athens also has a good and functional metro system which is connected to the airport terminal through a walkway and also leads to Syntagma square and other central hubs. Taxis are also made available if you’re a person who detests the metro rush hour.

Athens City Break

3) Multi-Active Trip

Maybe you should consider hiking or cycling in the Peloponnese to have a full-on experience.

And the best part is, you don’t need to be perfect in any of these, all you need is the drive and the motivation to carry on with the activity, and you would do just fine.

Once called Morea as far back as the Middle Ages, in southern Greece lies the amazing Peninsula, Peloponnese. It is divided by the Corinth canal from the mainland, and although being an island, it is rarely regarded as one.

Greek mythology has it that the land was merged together by Pelops Who also gave it his name. The Peninsula is also home to several other Greek myths.

So, taking a hike in a Place embedded in so much culture and history, like the rise and fall of the Mycenaean civilization, is enough to get you pumped up and motivated as you share the Greek’s history with them.

Multi-Active Trip

4) Wine tours – all inclusive Greece.

Greece has been well known for being home to the oldest wine. Instrumentals used for making them in the past are still used in the present-day winemaking, so why not consider a Wine tour. This tour takes you to Laconia, letting you explore its beautiful castles and tasting the variety of wine, it has to offer such as Kydwnitsa and Mauroudi. I bet you’d be more interested to know Plato drank wines of similar nature.

This tour would also include you visiting the great city of Sparta

Enjoying their wine tasting packages which would let you enjoy as much as a variety of 300 wines.

You can also get to explore the stunning landmarks Greece has to offer such as the Mystras, The evergreen metropolis, and the iconic Monemvasia. All this by adding other activities to spice up your wine tasting tour. All inclusive Greece 2019.

things to do in Greece

5) Wellness Zagori experiences

The Zagori experience is something every person needs to experience for calming their spirits and becoming one with themselves. Greece is thought to be just like heaven on earth due to its amazing scenery and beautiful landscapes. They also have one of the best scenic activities and yoga for beginners as well as other things to make you one with the earth and at peace with yourself.

Making this a perfect spot for stressed out and tired people who get exhausted from their daily lives and have lost connection to themselves and their peace. The Zagori wellness experience is guaranteed to help out People of this nature.

The Zagori is located in the northwest of the country.

Still shy of the advancement made by the modern world, Zagori offers a more relaxing feeling from the hustle and bustle of city life. It has a total of 46 villages which are in the shape of inverted triangles and connected by a zigzag road. It also has a beautiful landscape, and these alpine villages are protected by amazing Mountain sides.

There are so many places attributed to Zagori, even untouched forests. It packs quite a lot of activities too such as rafting, Mountain climbing, rock climbing, etc., giving you that extra Rush of adrenaline to keep you pumping. And the presence of the animals and plant life is one to behold.

Wellness experiences

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All inclusive Greece
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