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  • Our main aim is to cater to all your travel needs and your preferences. We will introduce you to the interesting features that attract tourist to this country. Some of our exclusive Unique travel destinations for tourist includes customized itineraries, premium accommodation, and well impeccable service. You can even come across some of the best Roadless travels only if you make use of our services.
  • We will help you discover unique places that have never been seen by anyone. You will not only see but will have full access to it. Every experience which includes traditions and daily life will make your travel more remarkable and memorable.
  • Here at a Greece fully, we have an expert team that will help you through personalized travel experiences that centers around Culture, nature, wellness tourism, etc.  Your holiday can either be laid back or well action-packed, all depends on you. You just need to be assured that Greece fully will make your mind, soul, and body fully replenished into a year-round beauty.


Greece highlights –  Unique travel destinations.

Greece has been historically known as the Hellenic Republic. It is a big country located in the south-eastern part of Europe and the south of Europe. As of 2017, after the last census was conducted, it had a population of over 10 million.

Greece as a country is located at the crossroads of Africa, Asia, and  Europe. The country has oceans all around the 3 cardinal point. To the east lies the Aegean sea, over the south lies the Mediterranean and Cretan sea, to the west lies the Ionian sea. One amazing thing still recorded down to this day is the number of coastline and number of islands. On the Mediterranean basin, it has the longest coastline and globally, its coastline is the 11th longest which is recorded at almost 14,000 km. It has numerous islands of which almost 230 are be inhabited.


When it comes to holidays in Greece.

Every Sunday of the year is referred to as a public holiday. Saturday is regarded as a non-working and non-school day. Some festivals celebrated include the press carnival, local wine festival, Athens festival, and some few others. The country is surrounded by mountains, and this makes the mount Olympus (UNESCO world heritage site) be the highest peak at over 3,000 meters.

The country is considered as the Father of western civilization as it was the birthplace of political science, philosophy, democracy, and Olympic games. The gods of this countryball lived at the topmost part of Mount Olympus. There were 12 in total. Among the 12, Zeus was the most important god as he was popular and referred to as the kings of gods.

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Unique travel destinations

Proposed trips – 3 best unique travel destinations.

Customize your trip; Don’t hesitate to call your Personal travel designer.
Name – George Tsakmakidis.
Contact details: GR = +30 694 5782 823, USA = +1 646 5938 963, Skype ID = Greecefully

Scuba Diving in Greece

Just a little tip, myriads of fish, ancient shipwrecks and deep caves await tourist who goes for a dive in the Ionian Sea.  Kefalonia offers expert guidance for tourist who plans on exploring the Abbie mentioned. Trust me as it will be an unforgettable swimming experience and adventure into the underworld of history, geology, and colour.

You can escape the crowds and explore the beautiful seascape of various colourful caves. You do not have to be scared as the PADI (qualified guides) will escort you all through your underwater sight experience. You will come across ancient shipwrecks, plane wrecks, Greek artefacts that all give shade and shelter to starfish, octopus and moray eels.

Some other things included are:

  • 7 breakfast and 7 meals.
  • A certified diver who speaks English.
  • One wine tasting and cooking lesson.
  • 7-night accommodation.
  • Airport transportation to and from.

Day by day itinerary, scuba diving Greece.

  1. Arrival into Kefalonia and visit the popular museum to learn more about the protected marine life of Kefalonia.
  2. Breakfast at the hotel and a departure by 10:00 am and take an end dive to the Cliff. You will see a mushroom-like formation and an abundant sea life.
  3. A departure by 10:00 am to take a dive to visit ancient Greece artefacts.
  4. Traditional breakfast at the hotel and a departure by 9:30 am to take dive to one of Kefalonia special place known as the temple.
  5. Breakfast at the hotel and a departure by 10:00 am to visit a dramatic narrow canyon composed of an incredible lighting effect.
  6. Start by 9:40 am for your very first dive to see the Asteris island in order to witness wonderful sunken things including anthropological remnants and ancient wrecks.
  7. This day will be relatively free from diving but you can your round the island beauties.
  8. Return departure day. Depending on your time of departure, a personal arrangement has been set to transport you to the port or airport.
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Wellness trip experience in Zagori. 

This is a beautiful untouched paradise located in the Northwest part of Greece. If you want to restore your inner Peace, health, and authenticity through treatments,  yoga, and other detailed scenic activities, this is the best place to consider.

You can restore your personal well-being as you will be engaged will daily bike through the forest, ancient mule trails, old stone bridges, etc. There are other inciting experiences to be enjoyed which include cycling, rafting, horseback riding, climbing of rocks and rowing on pure crystalline rivers.

This all will help you gain your authentic self.

What is included.

  • One wine tasting and cooking lesson
  • All guides and transfer
  • Meals in strict follow-up with an itinerary
  • A spa treatment and yoga experience for 6days.
  • Admission fees to all cultural and archaeological site.
  • 5-night accommodation at a 4-star hotel.

1st Day: A fulfilled yoga experience to help awaken your day.
2sd Day: A morning yoga session and breakfast before taking a hike to central Zagori.
3rd Day: A morning yoga class and breakfast before going with a professional team to visit the beautiful scenery of some age-old stone bridges and the impressive waterway of voidomatis.
4th Day: A morning yoga experience and breakfast. This will be accompanied will a cycle across the lake in the Ioannina city.
5th Day: A morning yoga class and breakfast. A cycling adventure from the scenic village to kipi. You can choose to have lunch at the “margarites” restaurant.
6th Day: A morning yoga experience and breakfast before going on a final hike to another location. Lunch will be followed by a brief siesta. Then a final spa treatment and farewell dinner.

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A unique adventure in the Aegean Sea.

One of the best places to step your feet in is the Aegean sea. The amazing waters are mind-blowing and very attractive to the eyes. The most noteworthy thing is the glamorous Aegean islands that are around the Archipelago.  You must have heard of the  Cycladic architecture.

This type of architecture cannot be seen anywhere else. It is unique and rare.

The Aegean area is filled with amazing and mind-blowing adventures which should be included in your tour.


What is included
  • 6-night accommodation
  • A boat captain that is certified
  • An arranged transport to and from destination
  • 6 breakfast and 5 lunches
  • An optional admission fees to both archaeological and cultural sites.


1st Day: Welcome to Mykonos where you start visiting the villa.

2sd Day: Breakfast and visit to their exclusive beautiful beach with a nice meal as follow up.

3rd Day: Breakfast and a morning stroll to an island with an outstanding Culture

4th Day: cruising through the Aegean Sea and visit an island of a unique landscape and natural beauty.

5th Day: A visit to the southern Aegean to discover its hidden gems.

6th Day: A visit to the Naxos island to check its robust scenery, white sand beach, and traditional village.

7th Day: The end of the beautiful experience. Your transportation to the airport will be taken care off.

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  1. We create one more wellness trip with the best-experienced instructors. In the Peloponnese peninsula, at the majestic mountains of Arcadia.
    Stay tuned for more details, very soon!

  2. This trip was a one-lifetime experience. We visit so many amazing islands with unbelievable clean and green waters.
    We had as a base the Mykonos island and we visit also, beaches only accessible by sea.

    My favourite beach was the Lia beach.

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