Yoga for beginners classes | Best 10 benefits of yoga in life.


2 wellness trips. Premium accommodation on Boutique hotels; Wine tasting tours and traditional cooking lessons. Unique locations in Greece, combined with yoga for Beginners classes.

Yoga for beginners and all the benefits of yoga. Start practising with your first yoga class and your first yoga poses. Your personal yoga teacher will help you feel comfortable and show to you all the tools and the new methods for your yoga practice, combining with physical exercise. It is a complete combination of knowledge and devotion.

The road to self-realization comes with understanding the 4 types of yoga. You will learn basic techniques and terms as; mountain pose, triangle pose, cross-legged position and foot out 90 degrees methods.


What are the real health benefits of yoga?

Regular yoga practice is great for, heart rate, heart disease, chronic pain, high blood pressure, the stress hormone, increased strength and improved flexibility. For spiritual evolution, you have to follow the four different paths of yoga. It will improve the results that you need. You can start with an independent path that will lead to the mountaintop.

What does yoga do for you? 

Yoga is a union. It is the union of spirit, body and mind. Traditionally there are 4 important types of Yoga lessons and each of this type leads to the state of the union. There are different sets of tools and positions which you have to follow for better results.

benefits of yoga
Which Yoga is best for weight loss?

Hatha yoga is a good start for weight loss. All you have to do is maintain your health and diet properly.
Yoga will not be effective until you control your diet. You should start a diet program by a nutritionist you trust.

Moreover, you have to know the following.

  1. You can consume around 175 calories playing out a Hatha yoga succession.
  2. To consume fat, you have to raise your pulse to an oxygen-consuming level.
  3. Hatha yoga’s delicate, moderate pace will enable the form to fit muscles.
  4. On the off chance that your essential objective in taking up yoga is weight reduction.
  5. You require yoga for beginners, lessons that consume fat, especially for your first steps.
  6. Different styles of yoga consume calories at various rates, starting with the benefits of yoga.
  7. However, after some time that will help support your digestion and consume calories all the more effective.
  8. The identical to strolling two miles in 60 minutes, or around 445 calories completing an hour of Vinyasa yoga.

Few weeks of yoga encourages your physical and mental uplift. It will help you to minimize the heart attacks occur. For the best benefits of yoga, avoid advanced lessons and techniques for, multiple sclerosis, Bikram child s pose and spent an amount of time with beginner yoga workouts.

40 Minute Fat Burning Tips

Yoga fat burning video tutorial,
Ideal for beginners.
Designed not just your abs, but your mindful core.

What are the 4 types of yoga?

The 4 types of yoga and this sort of overview, will help in the selection process. It is better than learn all types of yoga. That is the only way you will be able to get the best possible results from the Beginner’s Yoga first steps. For proper personal analysis and reflection, you have to understand the best type of yoga.

That is the only way you can get the benefits which you need. The type of yoga that meets your emotional, spiritual and physical needs is the best. Suggestions and tips for the Best time to visit Greece.

Karma yoga 

It is the type of yoga for the people who have an active nature. This leads you to a skillful action. It is the process where you have to act selflessly. Make sure that you do not have any desires for reward or expectations. It will help you to learn the art of detachment, devotion and dedication.

Benefits of karma yoga: Find the path for unselfish actions in your life. It will help you forgo selfishness.

Yoga for beginners

Jnana yoga 

It is the most difficult type of yoga that you have to perform. You will need higher mental powers and intellectual interest to be successful. It will encourage you to use your own mind. You will be able to discover the true skills which you have. You will become more knowledgeable with new techniques: for, knees bent, left leg and left foot, left arm and facing dog poses.

Jnana yoga will guide you with questions like; who am I, what am I. Renowned also as Jnanamarga. 

Yoga lessons, Jnana yoga

Bhakti Yoga 

It is the type of yoga that will increase your power of devotional love. It will bring the state of trance. You can engage in different types of prayers and rituals that connect you with your religion. It will help you connect with God through your heart. You can easily transform your emotions into something more loveable.

It’s often referred to as the yoga of love. Bhakti yoga also called Bhakti Marga, a path in the spiritual practices of Hindus.

Bhakti Yoga

Raja Yoga 

t is a technical branch of yoga. The main focus is on meditation and concentration. It is famous as yoga’s 3rdeye. There are techniques and tools (shoulder blades, palms facing and breathing exercises) that will help you tame and train your mind. Among the 4 paths, it is known as Royal Road. It will lead you towards enlightenment.

Raja Yoga is the royal path of meditation and helps you be free from negative emotions.

Raja Yoga

Travel packages with Yoga tours.

How to combine yoga for beginners lessons with amazing vacations? 

There are different types of yoga travel packages which you can enjoy. Yoga for beginners in Greece and all the benefits of yoga are very popular in the last years. The biggest attraction is that the locations are spectacular, with stunning traditional places and scenic activities.
The natural surrounding will relax your mind as soon as you reach your destination.

Below. you will find the best suggestions you need to consider. Your Boutique travel agency in Greece.

7 Days wellness trip, in Corfu island at the Ionian Sea. 

Yoga and Greece are like the two ancient forces are in one place.

In Corfu, you can enjoy the harmony, beauty and liberty. You ‘ll start with yoga classes for beginners, for 90 minutes in the morning and afternoon. The yoga instructor will help you balance the 7 chakras and your personal range of motion.

You will get the training combination of pranayama and Vinyasa. You will surely feel the first benefits of yoga in your body. You can also spend time in a vineyard of Corfu which is beautiful and mesmerizing. You can explore Corfu in your free time.


What is included: 

  • Transportation to/from the airport. Athens Greece.
  • Double occupancy, in a boutique 4* hotel for 8 nights.
  • 8 breakfasts and 8 meals. Three excursion tours in the beautiful island.
  • 7 days of yoga lessons, every morning and afternoon as well.
  • All the admission fees, for cultural sites and all the archaeological locations.


Corfu island at the Ionian Sea – (The location). 

Situated in the north Ionian ocean at the northwestern edge of Greece. It sits at a separation of 600 km northwest from Athens, and perhaps closer to Italy. However, what it offers are certainly justified regardless of the visit. The departure from Athens takes 45 minutes.

Lately, Corfu has turned out to be one of the most loved goals for Greek. Voyagers as well, particularly in the Easter occasion which has increased across the country. Most importantly, consideration with it’s one of a kind convention.

In addition in August when Greek and Italian guests blend with those from further north. Since the Egnatia roadway has been manufactured. However, it is effortlessly open from occupants of northern Greece as well. More things to do in Greece.

Google Map > Corfu Island.

Area: 610.9 km2
Population: 102,071

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A yoga journey at the national park of Zagori, in northwestern Greece. 

It is the most unspoiled, beautiful and most rewarding area of Greece. Easy travel tours.

There is a 6 days wellness program in the inspirational landscapes of Zagori. The mountains around you will help you feel relax. You can explore the area on the zigzag roads that connect with mountainsides. In the restaurants, you can enjoy the traditional rhythms. You will feel a better connection with your mind and body, once you are in Zagori.


What is included: 

  • 5-night accommodation at 4* hotel. All Transfers and guides.
  • 6 days of Yoga for beginners, lessons and spa treatments.
  • One cooking lesson & One wine tasting.
  • Stress management session (55 min). Aristi aroma retreat (65 min).
  • Vital essential oil massage (45 min). Absolute Reflexology (35 min).
  • Admission fees to all archaeological & cultural sites.


Zagori in Epirus – (The Location). 

It is a beautiful network of 46 alpine villages. This is an area and a district in mountains in Epirus. It is in northwestern are of Greece. Most importantly, famous as the seat of the district is the town Asprangeloi. Zagori has a zone of exactly 1,000 square kilometres. In addition, is in the state of an upturned symmetrical triangle.

The southern corner of the triangle contains the common capital, the south-western side, Ioannina, is shaped by Mount Mitsikeli (1,810m). Most importantly, the Mount Tymfi and Aoos stream establish the northern side. As well as the south-eastern side keeps running along the Varda waterway to Mount Mavrovouni close Metsovo. The district has a territory of 989.796 km2. The number of inhabitants in the region is around 3,700. However, which gives a populace thickness of 4 tenants for every square kilometre.

Google Map > Zagori.

Coordinates: 39°52′N 20°42′E
Area: 382.2 sq mi or 989 km

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  1. Restore well-being with daily yoga sessions and therapies along with mild and hikes through pristine forests, ancient stone bridges and thunderous gorges with sublime views.

  2. I’ve had a great week in Corfu Island! The combination of yoga/hiking and some time for your self was perfect. Also the trip to the Corfu Island and the meditation at Greece was very special.

  3. One of the best places I ever visited during my Yoga tour. They provide worth paying knowledge accommodation and all what we need.

  4. My daughter is really into yoga and is always looking for retreats to participate in. Thank you Greecefully for making her experienced all four kind of yoga from highly skilled yoga teachers.

  5. Health is the real wealth, personal yoga teacher and packages from Greecefully helped us to realize it. Not just physical benefits but also it has power to heal you mentally.

  6. It’s a detox for mind! Much needed break and Greecefully happened…amazing yoga routines, my body and especially my mind indebted to you. Thanks a lot.

  7. We had wonderful stay. Since the yoga classes took us so much into relaxation and close to nature, it was almost like attaining Nirvana.

  8. With skilled yoga teachers Greecefully is suitable for holistic and traditional healing. Calm and tranquil in the midst of pleasant flora and fauna around, incomparable.

  9. A peaceful and relaxing experience. Yoga classes in Corfu island was incredibly rejuvenating and calms the soul, it helped us to self-regulate our mind.

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