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Greecefully is renowned as the House of travel for this amazing country, considering the new bespoke travel services and the uniquely crafted journeys. 

There are presently over 2,000 islands in Greece. Most are very popular, and others are yet to be discovered by tourist. Greece, having a population of over 9,500,000 people, known for lovely spars, spring, island, shores, and beach great weather, living a sweet life has never been so simple. Known for their warm and sunny weather. Also known to be the cradle of western civilization and birthplaces of Olympic games.

Have you ever dreamt of visiting the Greek islands? Yes, might be your answer. We provide a list of important and planned holidays. There is this feeling which can be derived upon seeing whitewashed houses, fishing multitudes boats, hills that scent like thyme and old legends of stale history.

All these are truly irresistible.

Book your villa in Greece with your private pool.

Our personal villas will be your home with its location is kept in the seafront. You will get some beautiful views of the wide Mediterranean Sea. You will also get personal pools and chefs to cater to your every need. There are many properties available to visitors in over 25 locations in Greece. Beginning from Santorini to Mykonos and down to the Athens Riviera and some unique locations from serious to Ithaca down to Sifnos.

You can contact a qualified Greecefully’s member to help you when looking for expert information on where to stay whether near a beach or a restaurant. There are provisions for spa service and Yoga instruction. You can also get a professional massage therapist, caretakers, and personal trainers. All the 5-star services available for tourist in Greece come with a private pool.

What precisely is a travel advisor?

You can make a personal booking for yourself, but why not consider other factors. A good travel advisor is known to help elevate every trip. They are specialized in helping get the best out of their money and time. In appreciation of their various connections all over the world, they can make you a VIP on crude lines, tours, and hotels.

A very good travel advisor is the person that can help you out in the following areas:

  • Increase from ordinary to extraordinary.
    Your travel advisor definitely knows how to help plan a memorable trip. The benefits they offer cannot be gotten on your own. Starting from spa credits to unique breakfast and hotel upgrades, they can help you handle any matter.
  • They know inside tips and unexplored locations.
    In as much as you will have an interior designer and a personal shopper, it is more advisable to give your time and your valuable asset to a travel advisor. The best travel advisor spends virtually most of their time on the road, looking for boutique hotels and searching for the best restaurants.
  • They will adapt immediately to your travel style. 
    They will understand what you value the most and your personal journey companions. Probably you want to use your journey for a birthday celebration, an unforgettable anniversary or to educate your children.
  • They can handle anything. 
    Have you ever embarked on a trip where everything went out as planned? This happens on rare occasions. The chances of having such are very slim. When issues arise, your personal travel advisor can help you solve your problems. They can help turn things around for the best.
House of travel Greece

With your Personal travel advisor, in Greece:

Name – George Tsakmakidis.

Contact details:
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USA = +1 646 5938 963
Skype ID = Greecefully
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Greece Touring plans

Holiday packages from Greecefully the “house of travel” for Greece.

We know that you will want to take a trip to Greece to see where humans, gods and mythical creatures took work on the earth. A lot of moves and books have discussed so much about Athens. You can picture it in your mind or you can live this experience with these proposed travel plans. More trips and all-inclusive Greece.

  1. Aegean adventure.
    Many of these islands were known in Greek mythology and were viewed as places where both mythical creatures and gods resided. Have you ever heard of the Delos island and the Mykonos island? These two islands are both known for their infinite knowledge.
  2. Athens city break.
    This place brings to mind the intriguing gods like Zeus who ruled Olympus for years. It is also known for its various achievements. Greece, in general, can never be regarded as successful if Athens is ignored.
  3. Multi-active trip.
    Greece is known for its archaeological marvels. Even after the advancement of civilization, the old tradition cannot be wiped out.
  4. Greek mountains.
    Mountains cover all the exciting trips surrounded all over Greece. House of travel help recommends too beautiful mountains (Like the highest mount Olympus) to visit during yours.
  5. Wine tasting tours.
    Greece offers you an opportunity to have a taste of its naturally made wines. Some of the wines made were once drunk by a philosopher named Plato. Luxury tours.

bespoke trips

Greece tourism 2019 best spot and tours.

Greece tourism 2019 is one that cannot be missed. Different people are making their own plans of where to visit. You might be confused about where to visit for your holiday. If such is your case, do not be worried. House of travel can help you come out from your endless thinking.
When considering making your plans, Greece should be your best option, considering some of our popular trips

Greece has been known to be a very spectacular countryball over the world. It provides a lot of memories which are remarkable. Every experience seen can never be forgotten. Its beauty is natural. Nothing is artificial compared to other places. It is naturally blessed and presently rated as one of the best places for tourist destinations. Its tradition is dated to ancient times with artefacts making it more appealing. It has a perfect combination of various scenery and a rich history.

Over the years, Greek as a country has had some statistics which make them more unique.  Last year, more than 27 million people visited the country of Greece. They all related an encouraging experience. Fewer complaints and more joy were derived which is why their rate is growing rapidly.

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  1. 2 or 3 days is the ideal time to visit and quick explore Athens. Don’t forget to see the sunset at the (Sounio) Temple of Poseidon.

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