Diving in Greece all seasons. 

One of the Best Countries in Europe for Diving

  • Surrounded by sea all around, Europe emerges as one of the most captivating spots for scuba diving in the world.
  • With the diverse variety of touring alternatives to choose from, your trip to any of such places remains incomplete without a diving experience into its deep blue waters.
  • Diving in Greece is surely the most rewarding experience for you while you are on a holiday.
  • An adventurous yet good exercise, diving in Greece will familiarize you to the beautiful sights of colourful corals and rare fish breeds.

Here the some of the major diving locations of Europe that you must not miss out –

The Zenobia in Cyprus

Diving in GreeceThe most appealing thing about this island is that it hosts the ruins of a great ferry in the deep sea. Lying on the side of the port, you can easily find the wreck at a distance of 15 m that further descends up to 42 m. If you want to explore every part of it, you will surely require several numbers of dives in the sea.

Silfra in Iceland

Lying in the midst of European and American continental shelves. The Silfra Island offers an extraordinary diving experience in the narrow cracks with surprisingly clear water. The kind of clarity it provides to you will escalate you to another level. You will feel like flying on a sunny day.

The Chios Island in Greece

Boasting off an impressive collection underwater sea caves. The Chios Island is Greece is yet another thrilling destination for scuba diving. Paving pathways from the attractive rocks, vertical walls, and colourful reefs. A trip to this island will surely leave you spellbound.

Crete island in Greece

With more than 30 diving sites in the country offering clear visibility of 6 to 40 feet, the Crete Island in Greece is a much-favoured diving destination for most of the travellers. You can explore the diverse variety of morays, starfish, lobster and other varieties of fishes in its waters.


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