Diving in Greece all year round.


Why diving in Greece is the most popular destination across Europe? 


  • Greece is surrounded by sea all around, with more than 5,000 islands.
    Europe emerges as one of the most captivating spots for scuba diving in the world.
  • Greece has the largest coastline in the Mediterranean Sea. 13,500 kilometers – 8,500 miles.
  • With the diverse variety of touring alternatives to choose from, your trip to any of such places remains incomplete without a diving experience into its deep blue waters.
  • You are already on your holidays. Diving tours are surely the most rewarding choice.
  • Adventurous dive sites to amazing destinations and underwater caves.
  • Will familiarize you to the beautiful sights of colourful corals and rare fish breeds.
  • Combine your diving experience with premium accommodations, at the most popular Greek islands.


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Diving in Greece

No1 – Vacation package for Diving in Greece.

Diving in the Ionian Sea.

Diving in the clear, relaxing water of Greece will bring memories and experience you will never forget. Once you in water the beauty will mesmerize you. With the Greecefully tours, your overall experience will enhance. So much excellence and motivation exist underneath the surface of the ocean. In Greece that it essentially should be seen firsthand. Visit Diving in the Ionia Sea tour.

The stretch among Kefalonia and Homer’s cherished Ithaca is ideal for its clear waters. That offer permeability of up to 30-40 meters. Ideal conditions for scuba diving in Greece.

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What is included on this journey?

  • Transportation from the international airport, Eleftherios Venizelos.
  • 10 dives total. 2 dives every day including One-night dive.
  • 7-night accommodation in Kefalonia, based on double occupancy.
  • One wine tasting tour and One cooking lesson with traditional recipes.
  • Two excursion tours in the Kefalonia down and the island.
  • 7 breakfasts & 7 meals. English speaking certified guide.

For individuals and small groups!

Break the groups and investigate the wondrous seascape of beautiful caverns. Besides those emotional drop-offs and swim-through gulches that lie underneath the sky-blue waters of the Ionian Sea.

Most importantly, on this 8-day jumping odyssey for divers and swimmers. Venture out with Greecefully and encounter a portion of Greece’s best plunging goals. While you find the stunning charms of Kefalonia – both well beyond the ocean.

Exceptionally qualified aides will escort you to shocking destinations. However, they are saturated with remarkable topography and mankind’s history. Experience remainders of WWII plane wrecks, old Greek ancient rarities, and astonishing rock developments. Besides that, offer the safe house to octopuses, moray eels and starfish.

Remaining in cosmopolitan Fiskardo. However, your group will be driven on day by day activities by a sea life researcher. Besides that, being effectively associated with the protection of the district’s delicate condition. All jumps are come to in under 20 minutes by watercraft and are led utilising top-extend Scubapro. It is yearly adjusted and examined by Bureau Veritas.

No2 – the Aegean Adventure tour. The best diving near Athens.

The Aegean Adventure with the 12 wonderful islands and more than 20 beaches. As well as, will give you an opportunity to investigate genuine magnificence of Greece.

Appreciate the spectacular dive spots and the marine life. The swims in the cool waters and the dusks by the beaches. The completely clear water of the ocean accompanies a healing power. You will appreciate the fun and relaxation which you will get in Greece.

With the 6 to 7 days trip you will feel like you have encountered each side of Greece. You will without a doubt love each minute you spend in the Aegean Islands.

No3 – Diving in Crete!

With more than 30 diving sites in the island offering clear visibility of 6 to 40 feet, Crete is a much-favoured diving destination for most of the travellers and scuba divers from the USA.

You can explore the diverse variety of morays, starfish, lobster and other varieties of fishes in its waters.

Few words and insightful tips for the biggest island in Greece. 

If you are planning to truly enjoy your vacation, nothing can be better than the trip to Crete. Greecefully has a perfectly planned tour for that will provide you with an experience you will never forget.

Just a couple of Greek islands speak to a more extravagant background for family fun in Crete.
The origination of King Minos and the Minotaur.

Not exclusively will your kids encounter those ageless staples of an ideal youth occasion. Most importantly, sun, ocean, frozen yoghurt and the delight of new bonds. With Greecefully’s energy charged 9-day Cretan Adventure. However, their sprouting creative abilities will likewise be engaged, taught and propelled.

A solitary menu of multi-generational interest.

Beyond any doubt to enchant guardians and grandparents as well. However, while manufacturing cheerful recollections to share for a considerable length of time. Scrounger chases in noteworthy towns; privateer undertakings adrift. Also, hands-on Eco-trips are only a portion of the life-changing adventures you will see involvement on Crete.

Also, because we know how flighty occasions “en famille” can be. Crete is dependent upon you, how you will come to an obvious conclusion and make your pitch-flawless Cretan Odyssey.

From the captivating old city of Rethymnon. To clamouring Heraklion; and entrancing Knossos, Crete’s energetic blend of common magnificence. However, nearby culture and world-renowned cooking and wine. Besides that, Crete history makes it a standout amongst the most adored areas in Europe. Come and find this King of islands this year.

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Diving in Greece, hospital ship

Amazing adventures.

Settled since Neolithic occasions, Heraklion is Crete’s vivacious current capital, set against the island’s loftiest mountain crest Psiloritis. However, A guided strolling visit is extraordinary compared to other approaches to uncover Heraklion’s fortunes. From its dazzling Venetian port and old walled city; to its pedestrianized memorable focus punctuated with exuberant squares.

You’ll feast on customary Cretan dishes that characterize this acclaimed gastronomy. All are utilizing basic strategies and best regular create. Moreover, mountain herbs and greens, knobs, interesting cheeses, crisp fish, and the well-known Cretan oil.

Simply watch their faces light up when you reveal to them they’ll turn into a privateer for the day. Move on board the ground-breaking “Dark Pearl” and be clear up in this practical experience. Most importantly, they’ll carry on with the privateer life, make illustrations, play amusements. For example, swordplay, sack races and adjusting challenges, among different exercises. Your activity is to relax, sit back, and make the most of your cute little privateer’s fervour.

Alternative locations for Diving in Greece, for this year.


The Chios Island in Greece – (Google Map for Chios).

Boasting off an impressive collection underwater sea caves. The Chios Island is Greece is yet another thrilling destination for scuba diving. Paving pathways from the attractive rocks, vertical walls, and colourful reefs. A trip to this island will surely leave you spellbound. You can rent a local boat for a night dive on famous diving spots. You can combine your dive activities with your holidays and visiting beautiful beaches, like the amazing Trahili beach.

Don’t forget to swim also, at the spectacular crystal-clear waters from the Elinda beach. The most popular locations for scuba divers, on this island, is. The Agia Erminioin and the Karfas place.

You can ask for more information the locals. They are very polite and will be more than happy to help you with everything. One more dive spot you don’t want to miss is the Oinouses island – very close to Chios.

Diving in Chios Island
The Zenobia in Cyprus – (Google Map for Zenobia).

Renowned as one of the Top 10 dives in the world. This is one great location for experienced divers. The marine life in Cyprus and especially in Zenobia is unbelievable. The most appealing thing about this island is that it hosts the ruins of a great ferry in the deep sea.

Zenobia is a unique scuba diving destination that you can see barracuda, tuna fish, grouper and triggerfish. The list of the fish life is endless. Large Groupers of barracudas and tiny nudibranchs have to make the Zenobia their home.

Lying on the side of the port, you can easily find the wreck at a distance of 15m that further descends up to 42 m. If you want to explore every part of it, you will surely require several numbers of dives in the sea. One of the best diving in Europe.

The ocean bottom is at 44m and therefore the highest point is at 18m with visibility reaching 45m, few currents and heat water it makes a perfect dive spot for all qualified diverse whether or not it’s your 1st wreck dive otherwise you need a series of technical penetration dives. Luxury tours.

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Diving in Zenobia


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