Wellness tourism and the best 3 tours in Europe.

Become a part of the wellness tourism industry and book the best wellness quotes. In this article, you will find the definition for these terms, with very useful suggestions and wellness tips.

What exactly is the wellness tourism?

It is a travel experience which places our health as the main purpose. Wellness quotes combine fun sports activities, healthy lifestyle, Stress management sessions with spa services, yoga lessons, exercise and a healthy diet.


Statistics for Wellness tourism worldwide.

Over the last three years, the health tourism market is one of the fastest growing economy, globally. The reports from the GMI (The Global Wellness Institute) shows an increase up to 13%. The report also projects that between 2017 and 2022, this economy will reach the $5.6 trillion of dollars. With up to 32,3 % growth.

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Top travel packages for Greece

3 best wellness quotes and travel packages. 

A travel specialist will be at your side to guide you and teach you, the new tourism trends. Show you how to find the health of the mind and the effect on our state. New fun ideas, challenges and fun activities. You will surely enjoy the improvement in your physical psychological health.

1) Zagori. 

Zagori is an un-hyped heaven where you will only find respectful overtures of nature made by man.
In the inspirational landscapes of Zagori, you will have an uplifting experience. You will get a chance to explore.

  • 46 alpine villages. The area is connected with zigzag roads.
  • Two National Parks. Everything tucked in mountain ranges.

Zagori is beautifully tucked into the northwestern corner of Greece. It is located in the region of Epirus that is famous for its mountain ranges of Pindus mountain range. Also, renowned for the two stunning national parks. The entire area covers about 1,000 square Km. There are 46 villages in the area that are known as Zagori villages.


Services including:
  • Accommodation for 5 nights, at a boutique hotel. 
  • All the meals according to the daily itinerary.
  • All Transfers and guide’s fees.
  • Cooking lessons and One wine tasting tour.
  • Spa services and treatments.
  • 6 days of yoga classes with Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga.
  • Vital essential oil massage. Aroma retreat sections.
  • Admission fees to all archaeological & cultural places.

Zagori is one of Europe’s most rewarding and unspoiled location. Once you are in the area it will make you feel like you have entered something pure. You will enjoy most, the amazing yoga lessons and the spa treatments.

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Google Map: Zagori.
Coordinates: 39°52′N 20°42′E.

Greece mountains
Exclusive travel
2) A spiritual journey to Corfu island. With Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga.

What is included:

  • Stay in an amazing boutique hotel near Corfu Town, for 8 nights (Double occupancy). 
  • All the transportations and 3 excursion tours in the beautiful island.
  • Breakfasts and meals with traditional Greek recipes. 
  • Daily lessons for Vinyasa and Hatha. Yoga for beginners and advanced level as well.
  • Wine tasting tour in the Corfu’s best wine varieties.
  • For cultural sites and all the archaeological locations. All the admission fees.

Start your day with a smile. After yoga, you will see that it will get simpler for you to begin your day with a grin. There will be no pressure, negative musings in your psyche and no weariness in your body.


What’s the difference between Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga?

Both Vinyasa and Hatha yoga work to build adaptability and quality. As well as it enhances breathing and calms the brain. Each type of yoga intends to help the body and psyche. However, the path to these objectives’ contrasts. The investigation of Hatha, also known as Hatha Vidya. Vinyasa yoga, additionally called Ashtanga yoga. Luxury tours

Hatha Yoga

It is the perfect beginning spot for individuals who are new to yoga. One of the all the more difficult parts of a yoga hone is joining developments with breathing control. However, pranayama; a moderate pace helps newcomers in moving accurately with the breath as indicated by Hatha standards.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa yoga requires a working learning of yoga and is further developed than Hatha yoga. It requests all the more physically through the postures. This type of yoga is a progression of stances that work the cardiovascular framework with its streaming developments and brisk pace. Most importantly, the majority of the stances are connected and joined.

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Google Map: Corfu Island.

Region: Ionian Islands
Area: 610.9 km2 (235.9 sq mi)

Coordinates: 39°35′N 19°52′E

Wellness tourism
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Yoga for beginners
3) Scuba diving among the Ionian islands!  

You can indulge in the beautiful Ionian Sea and experience the water. Diving experts will be available to train you. After that, you can explore the life beneath the water on your own. With the visibility of 30 to 40 meters, you will surely enjoy the time you spend underwater.

In the 8 days trips, you will get the guidance from the certified divers. It will take only 20 minutes to reach the diving location. It means instead of travelling you will spend more time underwater. You can go as deep as you like.


What is included:
  • All the transportation from and to the airport.
  • Accommodation for seven nights in Kefalonia island (Double occupancy).
  • 2 dives every day, including 1-night dive.
  • Two excursion tours in Kefalonia, with English speaking certified guide.
  • Included, seven breakfasts and seven meals. Influenced by the popular Greek cuisine
  • Optional: Advanced Open Water level and Deep Diver Specialty during the trip.

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Wellness Tourism

Release all the negativity.

The greatest favourable position of yoga is that it will assist you with getting free of all the negative vitality.

  1. You need to focus on your body and the posture you are making.
  2. With moderate developments and focus, you will have the capacity to dispose of all the negativity.
  3. Your psyche will be clear and you will have nothing to consider.

When you will have no musings in your mind you will see that your whole body will unwind in light of the fact that there will be nothing to worry about. More things to do in Greece.


Breath in and breathe out and all stress is gone. Truly outstanding and easiest activities that we need to perform in Yoga are the breath in and breathe out exercise. Aside from that, the level of oxygen in your body will increment. Marketable Hashtags: Healthy body and healthy roads. Employee health articles, world health organization, duty otherwise, tourism sector. Ecotourism packages


  1. We visit also, the Corfu island in the Ionian Sea. The experience is totally unique. We stay in old town and a few days in Moraitika village for 10 days.
    Architecture in the old town has influence from Italian architecture. We tried also, the scuba diving experience, the Best thing we ever did!

  2. Definitely the best wellness trips in Europe. We can’t wait to visit again to these extraordinary locations.

  3. Revitalize body and mind with daily holistic therapies and treatments ranging from yoga, tai chi and pilates, to relaxing massages and reiki sessions, designed to reduce stress and promote inner-serenity.

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