18 Best Greek islands to visit, at least once in your life.

Best Greek islands to visit and 7 top Aegean Islands. Greece has over 3,000 islands, it is time to explore more than the popular.


In this guide article for the best Greek islands, you will find one great list with inside information. For the best beaches in Greece, Google maps, unique locations for the popular Aegean Islands and many more.

Which are the best Greek islands to visit (Also for the Aegean Islands), is one very common question in the global travel field. Greece is one of the best tourist destinations when you are planning to explore the world. There are some of the Best Greek islands that you should explore at least once in your life.

Once you are on these islands, it will make you feel like you are in heaven. All islands have their own uniqueness; that makes them different from all the other islands that you might come across. Here we have the list of best Greek islands that you should visit in Greece.

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Best greek islands

7 Best Greek islands to visit; Aegean Islands.  

The Aegean Islands are the most famous islands in Greece. Here you will come across many amazing water sports and other adventurous locations where you will surely enjoy your trip. The biggest attraction of the Aegean Islands is the traditional cuisines. You will instantly fall in love with the amazing cuisines and traditional flavours.

There are several amazing spots where you can enjoy some quality time. It is the place that you can visit alone or with family because in each case you will surely enjoy your trip. There are many islands in the region but some of the best ones that you should explore are. To 7, of the Aegean Islands and Best Greek islands to visit list.

Milos is famous for its unspoilt nature. The biggest attraction of the place is the turquoise waters.

Once you will step on the island you will instantly fall in love with the beauty that it withholds. The island is covered with volcanos.  This is the reason it is known as the volcanic island.

Due to the surface below and reflection of sun the water is in turquoise colour that makes it look more elegant and attractive. You can spend your time swimming in the water or exploring the surrounding areas of the Milos. You will come across, various beautiful white rocks in the region. Locals of Greece love this island.

Google Map: Milos island.
: 4,988, Capital: Plaka, Highest elevation: 748 m (2,454 ft), Coordinates: 36°41′N 24°25′E.


If you are canoodling lover, Mykonos is the island that you should visit. It is the place for the party lovers. People love to party in Mykonos till late at night. You will surely enjoy the lively environment and friendly locals who will help you have the best parties of your life.

You will come across some of the best nightclubs and pubs in the area. All your favourite drink and cocktails will be available. You will get a chance to experience some of the best drinks from around the world. The top choice regarding the nightlife and the so many celebrities, of the Aegean Islands and the Best Greek islands to visit list.

Coordinates: 37°27′N 25°21′E, Area: 105.2 km2, Region: South Aegean, Time zone – Summer: UTC+3 (EEST).

Google Map: Mykonos


Naxos is famous as Hawaii of Greece. It is known for its natural beauty and the god of wine. Once you are in the place you will love the mixture of nature and modern buildings on the island. There are many amazing spots that you should visit in Naxos.

However, if you have someone special with you on the trip, it is the best place to get down on your one knee. The long white sandy beaches will provide you with a chance to explore the entire beach and enjoy your time with your hands in the hands of one you love the most.

Area: 429.785 km2, Population: 18,904, Coordinates: 37°3′N 25°29′E, Highest elevation: 3,291 ft.

Google Map: Naxos.


Paros is known as the peal of best Greek islands. It is the most developed an amazing place in the Aegean islands. It is the best shopping spot in the region where you can visit markets for a long time. The top choice regarding the Extreme sports (Kitesurfing), of the Aegean Islands and the Best Greek islands to visit list.

There are several beaches in the location that will allow you to have a unique experience. You will find the best quality products but the Paros island needs more credit than named as an island where you can go on a shopping trip. You will surely enjoy the experience that you will have in Paros. It is a place you should never stop visiting.

Google Map: Naxos,

Population: 6,058, Coordinates: 37°5′N 25°9′E, Area: 196.3 km2 (75.8 sq mi).


You may feel like you’ve just been there; will undoubtedly have seen the notorious shots of domed white-washed houses set against splendid blue ocean (if not, see underneath).
The No1, regarding the popularity; of the Aegean Islands and the Best Greek islands to visit list.

Indeed, it’s far and away superior face to face and you may be amazed to find that not every one of the shorelines is unblemished swathes of brilliant sands, however, some are in reality dark! The most southern island in the chain, Santorini, it is famous for the volcanic shake, henceforth the surprising shade of their hills.

Region: South Aegean, Regional unit: Thira, Population: 15,550, Postal code: 847 00, 847 02.

Google Map: Santorini.


The town square ought to be your first port of approach any Greek island: subside into your most loved bistro, get nearby chatter, and change in accordance with the drowsy pace of life.

On Andros, this displays a test: the bluff holder capital, Chora, has not one but rather three squares, each overflowing with a disorder of bistros, tavernas and dinky raki bars. We suggest Pounta (pounta.gr), where the Danish proprietor makes (and offers) the disproportionate containers and bowls in which your espresso and Greek yoghurt are served.
From Chora, crisscrossing steps lead, way up yonder, into the clouds to the main genuine milestone, Panagia church; make the journey at dawn (maybe after a dusk ’til dawn affair at diminutive Astarti bar).

Google Map: Andros. Population: 9,221, Coordinates: 37°50′N 24°53′E.


Tinos has in excess of 50 towns, each competing to be the most attractive of all. In Pyrgos, renowned for its marble experts, etched flying creatures and blossoms finish each entryway. In Volax, container weavers squat outside bungalows cut from mammoth rocks apparently flung from the sky by Zeus in an attack of arousing.

There’s even a town called love, Agapi, where you can tuck into wild-fennel squanders at the main taverna.

Tinos considers its nourishment culture important: there are artichoke, escapade and nectar celebrations. Greeks make a trip for a considerable length of time to eat cuttlefish risotto at Thalassaki, served on the breakwater in Isternia inlet, at that point watch nightfall seep into the skyline from Exomeria bar.

Google Map: Tinos, Population: 8,636, Coordinates: 37°36′N 25°08′E.


The Saronic Islands:

Once you are in Greece you cannot leave the country without visiting the beautiful island. No doubt there are several amazing islands in Greece but they cannot meet the beauty you will find in the Saronic islands. The Saronic Islands hug the coast between the port of Athens and Piraeus and the Peloponnese. It is the stunning southern mainland in Greece. You will find the very best of Greece in the Saronic Islands because combined with the Athens you will get a chance to explore Greece in a new way.

In the Saronic Islands, you will find the history of Greece. Here you will come across the site from 480 BC where the Persian navy was defeated by Greece, Salamis will be a site you will love to explore. Aphaia is one of the oldest and best Greek temples but unfortunately, it is the least visit place in Greece as compared to other regions.

Heading towards the Peloponnese coast in the south everything will become more expensive and upmarket. Every island in the region holds its only importance due to which once the tourists are in the Saronic Islands they will not leave the place until they explore all the amazing places. There is a complete group of islands associated with the region which makes it even more beautiful. Here we have the list of Saronic islands that you must visit during your trip.

Aegina is the loveliest places in Greece. It is close to Athens which makes it even more special.

Once you are on the island you will notice that people love to visit it on the weekends to enjoy the sun on the beach. It was famous as the naval power of Greece.

The remains of that time are still present on some coasts of Greece. Do not forget to visit the most beautiful temple in the region known as the temple of Aphaia. It is the most beautiful and amazing Greek temple that you will come across the region. Some of the most famous places for tourists are.


  • Souvala
  • Agia Marina
  • Marathons


There are several neoclassical buildings on the Aegina island. You can have a stroll around the area. Enjoy the perfect mixture of history and modernism that is located in the Aegina island. The more time you will spend here the more you will fall in love with the place.

Google Map: Aegina Island.

Area: 87.41 km2 (33.75 sq mi), Population: 8,924, Coordinates: 37°45′N 23°26′E.

Aegina, Egina 2
Aegina, Egina 3

It is the smallest island in the region that makes it a major attraction for the tourists and locals. From Athens, it is only a ferry ride away. It means that you can reach the island in your own unique style without a train or other rides. Once you are in Agistri you will come across various small villages. However, the biggest attraction of the place is its crystal beach. The beach has been attracting tourists for a long time who are looking for a relaxing vacation.

In case you get a chance to visit Agistri make sure that you stay in Skala. It is the only resort in Agistri that provides the best services to the tourists. They have their own small beach that will allow you to relax away from the crowd. As well as you can enjoy the bus and train ride they provide from one beach to another beach.

Coordinates: 37°42′N 23°20′E, Region: Attica, Area: 13.37 km2, Google Map: Agistri, Population: 1,142.


One of the most impressive islands that you will come across in the Saronic islands is Hydra. It is the perfect representation of nature and beauty in the same place. The biggest attraction of the island is that it is built on the slope of the hill. This is the reason is a massive number of tourists prefer to spend their vacations on Hydra islands instead of going to other places. Best Greek islands to visit. 

You will fall in love with the beautiful stone mansions that are built on the island. The next most interesting thing about Hydra is that all types of vehicles are prohibited n the area. You only get a chance to travel by foot, boat or donkeys. This makes donkeys another attraction in Hydra. There are many beautiful crystal beaches in the area where you can enjoy your time.

Google Map: Hydra, Population: 1,966, Coordinates: 37°21′N 23°28′E, Region: Attica, Area: 64.443 km2.


A little island of the Saronic Island, Poros is a loosening up put for family travels. As it is just an hour ship ride from Athens, Poros island is a prominent end of the week goal in summer. The Town, built on the slants of a slope, is the focal point of most exercises on the island. The most visitor put is Askeli, a sandy shoreline with tidy water and agreed with numerous traveller offices.

The most beautiful spot of Poros Greece is the Love Bay, encompassed by the trademark pine backwoods of the island. Throughout the most recent years, the island has created as a flight point for cruising treks to the Saronic Island. This is the reason many cruising focuses have their base on the island.

Just a single hour ship ride from Athens, Poros in Greece is an excellent island with loosening up the climate.

The pleasant shorelines, the beautiful village and its nightlife is well-known summer end of the week goal for the locals. With luscious green pine trees, precious stone water, the whole island gives a significant feeling of psyche and body unwinding. Throughout the most recent years, Poros has turned into a base for cruising in the Saronic Island.

Occasions in Poros is especially mainstream among families with kids who can remain on a shoreline studio and spend loosening up days under the sun.


A flawless island of the Saronic Island, Spetses island is a prominent end of the week goal because of its closeness to Athens. In the Medieval occasions, the island thrived with exchange and local people developed exquisite manors that get by till today. Best Greek islands to visit. 

At the point when the Greek Revolution of 1821 broke out, the neighbourhood business ships were transformed into military ships and added to set the nation free. The Town is substantial and perfect for long promenades. Numerous excellent shorelines are found around the island, open by vessel or transport.

A substantial celebration happens in Spetses Greece on the second few days of September, the Armata Festival, that tops with the consuming of a vessel in remembrance of a maritime trip amongst Greeks and Turks.

Google Map: Spetses, Population: 4,027, Coordinates: 37°15′N 23°08′E, Region: Attica, Area: 27.121 km2.


The Ionian Islands; 6 of the best.

The Ionian Islands are scattered along the western coastlines of central Greece. The Ionian Islands is known for the 12 beautiful islands. There are 6 large and 6 small islands. The 6 large islands are famous for their beauty and amazing beaches that has been attracting people from around the world. There are some islands of the group that are completely cut from the area. However, once they were a part of the islands due to which they are still included in the group.

You will be surprised to know that once the Ionian Islands was an important part of central Greece but when the terrain sank the region was torn apart. It happened because of the seismic activity along the coastline fault of Ionian Sea. This led to the formation of the hauntingly beautiful beaches with ragged shores and tall mountains on the island that presents a sight you will not be able to ignore.

Pindos mountain range is an important part of the Ionian Islands that is linked with central Greece. It is the greatest region in the Mediterranean that accounts for the great depths of water that can reach 4406 meters. Also, one popular destination for Ecotourism packages.

In the Ionian Islands, you will get the chance to explore some of the most beautiful islands in the world. You can learn more about the history of Greece from these islands. Some of the most beautiful Ionian Islands that you must visit during your trip are.

In the northwestern corner of Greece lies the island of Corfu. It is among the greenest and according to many, the most excellent island in the nation. There is a huge variety of vegetation in a couple of different destinations in Greece. As well as Corfu lies just a couple of hours by ship from Bari or Brindisi in Italy (fairly longer from Venice or Ancona).

For some travellers, it’s the first – or even just – part of Greece they see. All things considered, in the event that you are just going to see one place in Greece, Corfu (likewise called Kérkyra). The absolute most astounding shorelines in the Mediterranean are on Corfu. Keeping in mind that tourism has totally assumed control a large portion of the beachfront territories.

Numerous inland towns are shockingly pristine. On the eastern side of the island, confronting Albania and Greek Epiros, the land slants delicately to the ocean. However, most shorelines are short and pebbly. In any case, the western side is significantly more extreme and more sensational. With numerous waterfront bluffs finishing off with confined inlets or sandy beaches lapped by the Ionian Sea.

Population: 102,071, Google Map: Corfu, Coordinates: 39°35′N 19°52′E, Region: Ionian Islands, Area: 610.9 km2.


Otherwise called Kefalonia, Cephalonia is the biggest of the Ionian Islands and a standout amongst the most beautiful. Argostoli, the capital city of Cephalonia is like an amphitheatre sitting above the Koutavous tidal pond. A nature hold that is both a ceasing point for Loggerhead turtles and transient birds.

The Melissani Lake cave close to the island’s principal port, Sami, is an unquestionable requirement see the regular fascination. Definitely one top destination and one of the Best Greek islands to visit.

Once a position of love for the god Pan, the lake is beautified via seawater streaming in underground from the contrary side of the island. Encompassed by mountains, Sami Beach is justified regardless of a visit also. The pretty white-stone shoreline is likewise less swarmed than the more famous Myrtos Beach on the island’s west drift.

Coordinates: 38°15′N 20°30′E, Population: 35,801, Google Map: Cephalonia, Region: Ionian Islands, Area: 786.58 km2.


One can’t list the Greek islands without exploring the island of Odysseus. In the event that it is to be sure the island Homer has expounded on. The island known as Ithaki is rocky and rough. However, has bunches of trees and olive forests, as do the other Ionian islands. A few archaeological destinations which might possibly be related to Homer’s story.

Alongside some excellent towns for fishing and shorelines make this an intriguing island to visit either from Patras or Cephalonia. Ithaka is a perfect place for strolling loaded with trails and perspectives.

The island is little and calm and June is extremely superb for family trips. Vathy, the capital of the island, unites the northern piece of the island which has the best climbing. The southern part has the best shorelines. The most ideal approach to investigate the shorelines is by pontoon.

Google Map: Ithaca, Coordinates: 38°22′N 20°43′E, Population: 3,231, Region: Ionian Islands, Area: 117.8 km2.


Encompassed by two dozen islets, Lefkada associates with Mainland of Greece by a gliding boat connect and a long boulevard. The effectively available island is a prevalent excursion goal. It is offering guests a variety of recreational, normal and social attractions. The island’s west side has the best shorelines.

While the breezy south is a most loved spot for kite surfing and paragliding. The town of Lefkada highlights the island’s most fascinating social establishments. It incorporates the twelfth-century the Charamogleious Eidiki Lefkadiaki Library and post-Agia Mavra. The Archeological Museum includes a great accumulation of antiques dating from the Paleolithic Era to the fourth century A.D.

Google Map: Lefkada, Coordinates: 38°43′N 20°39′E, Population: 22,652, Region: Ionian Islands, Area: 333.6 km2.

Lefkada island

Cephalonia ‘s closest island neighbour toward the south. Zakynthos is the third biggest of the Ionian Islands. Otherwise called Zante, the island is known for its shifted coastline. It ranges from rough bluffs on the west drift. It buckles toward the north to protected sandy shorelines toward the south and east. Definitely, one of the best Greek islands to visit. With Little more crystal and turquoise coloured waters from, the Aegean islands.

Shorelines along the southern Vassilikos promontory are a portion of the island’s most prominent goals. A trip on a boat will allow you to explore Cape Skinari’s northern tip that has beautiful blue caves. You can’t-miss this action. Early in the morning, the blue shade of the ocean is reflected on overhanging curves of the cave.

Population: 40,759, Coordinates: 37°48′N 20°45′E, Google Map: For Zakynthos.


Some portion of the first six Ionian Islands, Kythira lies close to the southern tip of the Peloponnese landmass. Its essential sea area used by importers and exporters from everywhere throughout the known world. Bringing about a culture that is unique than the other Ionian Islands.

From thirteenth century Byzantine frescoes found the collapse Mylopotamos to Minoan bronze symbols uncovered on the pile of St. George. One of the Best Greek islands to visit this sprint.

Archaeological history of Kythira mirror’s the island’s social decent variety. Notwithstanding Kythira’s lovely shorelines, the Mills district in Mylopotamos with its watermills and lakes is well worth investigating too.

Area: 300.0 km2 (115.8 sq mi), Population: 665, Coordinates: 36°15′N 23°00′E, Google Map.

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