Best beaches in Greece and the top 20, updated for 2021.


The ultimate guide for the 20 best beaches in Greece. With images, Google maps, tips from the locals and the best suggestions from experts. Greece is the land of beauty, legends, art, history, philosophy and spectacular culture. Also, for the famous gastronomy and the healthy gourmet recipes.

When it comes to tourism, Greece has faced many and various issues in the past. But in the last years, the new businessmen and the government, develop a totally new mentality regarding travel services. They are targeting and planning, only for the highest level. Specifically, in safety and satisfaction. That is the only way they can attract more tourists.

From 2018 – 2019 the country has welcomed 42 million foreign travellers. It is the biggest increase in the number of tourists, as compared to various other European countries.

Most of the Europeans are ready to visit these beaches, again and again.

More than 300 travel agents and 200 travel industry specialists from the USA have visited Greece themselves and they are advertising different packages for Greece travel. No doubt that there are many and various beautiful beaches in America but still 34% of the travel agents are eager to send their clients to Greece. Sailboat rental.

The Chinese and the Americans are in love with the beauty of Greece. They are mainly selecting Santorini’s beaches as their destination for their wedding. Only in 2018, there were 1,230 marriages planned in Greece.

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Celebrities and Hollywood stars are in love with the Greek islands.

Many celebrities in Greece, who said that Greece is an unreal paradise. Hollywood stars not only visit Greece regularly but are also build their summer house in Greece. The crystal-clear waters, magical sandy beaches, traditional cuisines, hospitable people and rich history commonly attract celebrities.

Frequently, come here to forget about all the stress they have been dealing with. Some of the famous celebrities who have their homes are. Tom Hanks, Catherine Deneuve, Julia Roberts, Rowan Atkinson, Sean Connery and much more. Most of them, visit the place to relax and meditate. Best time to visit Greece.

Top 20 Best Beaches in Greece

Here we have the list of top 20 beaches for you to select from.

1. Peloponnese, Voidokilia beach. 

One of the most stunning and beautiful sightseeing in Europe. It’s the place Telemachus and Nestor met, and furthermore where Hermes concealed 50 stolen bulls. Above the beach, you will find the Cave of Nestor, famed from Homer’s Odyssey.

You can climb around the birdlife save, hit up the thirteenth-century manor ruins, or windsurf in the straight. Archaeologists still believe it was used as a port, in ancient times. It is very close to the Petroxori village in the Messinia region.

Google Map: For the Voidokilia.

Voidokilia beach

2. Santorini, Red Beach. 

The Red Beach in southern Santorini is unquestionably the most well-known on the island. Nevertheless, eclipsing even the brilliant dark sand shorelines. The special palette of hues can become to by climbing from the Akrotiri archaeological site parking garage. Volcanic action isn’t uncommon in Greece. However, an enduring impact this delightful is.

It is located in Akrotiri village, more or less 10 miles from the renowned region Fira. The beach is semi-organized with very few umbrellas and comfortable sunbeds. You will need to bring water supplies.
Population: 15,550.

Red Reach

3. CreteBalos Beach. 

Located in Crete, 55 km northwest of Chania and below the range of Platiskinos. The famous lagoon of Balos is certainly one of the most photographed beaches. It is difficult to get to, yet that is simply part of its appeal. Lagoon of Balos is famous for its turquoise waters, the sea is warm, ideal for families and children.

This shallow sandy shoreline associates the territory with a little promontory, and local people frequently depict this swimming region as a tidal pond. For many years it was number one on for the best beaches in Crete.

Coordinates: 35°12.6′N 24°54.6′E. Region: Balos beach on Crete island.

Crete Balos Reach

4. Kefalonia, Myrtos Beach.

Multi-awarded and very famous, globally. Located In the northwest of Kefalonia island. This is the shoreline from Captain Corelli’s Mandolin. However, you know, the one where Nicolas Cage by one means or another influences Penelope Cruz to make out with him. Luxury tours.

It stands at the top spot of Ionian islands and ranks among the best globally, for more than twenty years. It’s an A-rundown portion of sand flanked by forested mountains. The evening, do not forget to admire this spectacular view from above.

5. Zakynthos, Navagio Beach.

In case you will steer into the rocks, you’d need it to be someplace like Navagio Bay. That is precisely the result of a cigarette pirating ship 30-odd year back. Besides, probably the team reassured themselves by illuminating on the spot.

The corroded frame still lies on the sands. However, giving the shoreline its exceptional, leaflet prepared to look. You can just arrive by pontoon. Yet don’t hope to be the special case who tries. However, this is a hotshot shoreline, and everybody knows it.

The scenic and natural location is a perfect choice also, for award-winning photographs.

Navagio Bay Beach

6. Thesprotia, Pisina beach. 

Available just by watercraft from adjacent Syvvota in the Epirus locale. However, this little bay is prestigious for its purplish-blue waters. Also, it also the common shade that the verdant slopes give for the day. There is no café, so ensure you bring your very own excursion. The pool impact has propelled local people to name it Piscina.

The climate of the area is the Mediterranean with warm summers and semi-cold winters. Very close to the Ioannina to the east and to the south the Preveza down. The population of this locations is pretty much 40,000 people.

Thesprotia, Pisina beach

7. Lefkada, Porto Katsiki beach. 

It was influenced by the 2015 seismic earthquake that shook the island of Lefkas. One of the best islands to visit in Greece. The turquoise blue waters and long periods of fun on one of Greece’s most notorious shorelines are your rewards.

This beach is one of the landmarks of Lefkada. All the tourists said that Porto Katsiki is a heaven on earth. It is frequented with private yachts and probably the easiest way to access this amazing beauty.

Google Map: For the Porto Katsiki.

Porto Katsiki beach

8. Crete, Preveli beach.

Crete is a vast island, offering an assortment of touring and shoreline going alternatives. Preveli is close to the town of Rethymnon. An excellent and genuinely disconnected shoreline, it draws in groups amid the late spring a long time notwithstanding the stroll from the auto-stop to the real site. Things to do in Crete.

However, when you arrive, the perspectives of the waterway Preveliotis, its delta. Swim in the waterway or the sea. Or a touch of both in the stream delta. You can likewise touch base by watercraft from the town of Plakias. Google Map: Preveli beach.

Preveli beach

9. Skopelos, Panormos beach.

You may know Skopelos as one of the areas for the film Mamma Mia. However, Panormos is apparently the best shoreline on this island in Greece. Local people incline toward it for its sky-blue waters and the security it offers from the occasionally solid summer winds called meltemia.

The shoreline is kid amicable with shallow waters. Most importantly, you will likewise locate that because of appeal. Most shoreline bars charge an expense for sunbeds regardless of whether you buy meals and refreshments.

Skopelos located in the western Aegean Sea. Coordinates: 39°35′N 20°20′E.

Panormos beach

10. Skiathos, Lalaria Beach. 

One of the most energy and beautiful location. The main town is Skiathos in the eastern part of the island, with a population of over 4,000 people. In ancient times, the island played a major role during the Persian Wars.

The wild fantastic thing about the landscape, the foremost extraordinary blue-green waters of Skiathos can actually amaze you. And on the sting of this pebble beach, the attractive white stone “Tripia Petra” arch the beach, like a dream place.

Video presentation: for Lalaria Beach (Tour to Lalaria Beach – Skiathos, Greece), from Nelstill Youtube channel.

Lalaria Beach

11. Mykonos, super paradise beach.

If you ask any European, where to go in Greece for vacation. The first thing you will hear is Mykonos and the super paradise. Located, pretty much 6 km south-east of Mykonos Town. It is a very large beach with white sand with many people, especially in thesummer months.

With amazing restaurants and very famous nightclubs. All the staff are very friendly and renowned for their extreme hospitality. Definitely one of the top Greece destinations, notably for the party and music lovers.

12. Antiparos, Apantima Beach. 

Antiparos is one of Greece’s best-kept privileged insights. It was previously a camper’s vacation and is presently frequented by Tom Hanks and different superstars searching for regular excellence and isolation. Their essence has prompted a variety of polished eateries, buzzy bars, and popular idea stores to investigate.

Generally speaking, Antiparos is serene, however popular. The little, serene spot is completely shielded from summer winds. Besides, one of the island’s best culinary regions is ideal over the shoreline, promising a determination of nearby fortes and beverages.

Apantima Beach

13. Crete, Vai beach. 

The palm backwoods of Vai close to the town of Sitia in northeastern Cretebrushes up to the shoreline of a similar name. The palm woodland is amazing as the biggest in Europe. However, the shoreline is likewise definitely justified even despite the drive. It has luxuries like shoreline bars and water sports activities, however without losing its tropical character.

In addition, an indication of Crete’s nearness to Africa. There are more separated inlets only a short walk south of the principal shoreline. Discovered (1970) by Richard White from North London and his friends. Vai beach is 52 miles east of Agios Nikolaos and 14 miles east of Sitia. Video presentation: for (Vai beach Crete 4k).

Vai beach

14. Naxos, Plaka Beach. 

This is a large and popular beach. This beach just goes and goes, with clear aqua blue waters. Most importantly, here is just walking around the two miles of sun-kissed sand. It’s a new entry on the top 20 lists for the best beaches in Greece.

There are many accommodations for rending; such as studios, beautiful apartments and many hotels. Along the beach of Plaka, you will find also many tavernas with traditional and delicious recipes. It offers a touch of everything.

Google Map: Plaka beachCoordinates: 37°3′N 25°29′E.

Plaka Beach

15. Rhodes, St. Paul’s Bay beach. 

Arranged only south of Lindos, on Rhodes island. St. Paul’s Bay has its very own verifiable story. The cove has since turned into a warm and sandy religious site. However, comes with a little church that recognises the occasion. Presently, the place is well known for international weddings.

However, you don’t need to observe St. Paul or pre-marriage ceremony to appreciate the spot. The calm and quiet waters make it outstanding amongst other shorelines for swimming on this island. Was number seven and eight for many years on this list. In addition to its prevalence for swimming and scuba diving experience, as well. In addition to its prevalence for swimming and scuba diving experience, as well.

St. Paul's Bay beach
16. Elafonisos, Simos beach. 

What’s superior to anything a white-sand shoreline lapped by the Aegean Sea?
Two white-sand shorelines lapped by the sea green/blue Aegean, obviously. The golden sand covers a very large area of the beach. Elafonisos is pretty much 4 hours away from Athens.

Simos is joined by this slim strip, framing the sort of wavy “X” shape you last found in polynomial math class. The island is simply off the pointer of the Peloponnese, so it’s not difficult to get there. The Camping is very well organized.

Simos beach
17. Mykonos, Platys Gialos beach. 

No more than 3 miles from the Mykonos town. About 10 minutes walking distance from, Paraga beach. In the mini-market, you will find a bus station for the town. If you just want to relax, is the perfect place, especially for small groups and families. The sea is very calm with crystal clear waters. The beach is very wide and beautiful.

Definitely one of the most well-organized destinations on this list, for the best beaches in Greece. With many hotels and restaurants, modern and beautiful café. Mini market with traditional products and souvenir and very close to the new Scorpios club.

Platys Gialos Beach
18. Halkidiki, Sani beach. 

The beach has been awarded for many years with an EU Blue Flag. World-class Services from the spectacular Sani Resort. One of the best summer resort in Europe. All visitors can enjoy water sports, spa therapies, play tennis and take the popular sailing lessons. Also; several sports activities as, football, water ski and mountain bike.

Sani Beach’s staff will serve you refreshing drinks and snacks on the beach. And for the kids, there are all types of beach games and toys for fun. On the shallow and blue waters, rigorously watched over by skilled lifeguards.

Coordinates: 40°20′N 23°30′E, Google Map: Sani beach,

Sani Beach

19. Paros, Golden beach. 

Welcome to shoreline sweetheart’s heaven. The long sandy shore stretches out for right around a mile, with perspectives of the little island of Drionissi. On the beach, guests could find surf colleges, beach bars and restaurants. The region around the beach is considered to be the foremost fertile of the entire island thanks to its water resources.

The beach has been awarded the blue flag. Coordinates: 37.0109°N 25.2406°′E.
In the last few years, this beach has become a very popular place for Kite-boarding and windsurfing activities. Many visitors come for the ideal wind conditions for extreme sports, from all around the world.

Golden beach

20. Crete, Elafonisi beach. 

Pink sand? In Greece? That’s right, Elafonisi has huge amounts of sparkling, ground-up corally stuff. The islet is an ensured nature hold connected to terrain Crete by a thin piece of sand. It has been included in the Natura 2000 Protection Program.

The entire area is an endless summer playground for all visitors. Ideal location for families with Childers. As you approach Elafonisi, the downhill road allows you to glimpse the area from afar. You’ll see blue and turquoise colours of the ocean, white-sand beaches everywhere the place and cedars scattered all around. Google Map: Elafonisi in Crete.

Best beaches in Greece Elafonisi

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