Best Aegean Islands | New guide list for 2021.

7 Best islands in the Aegean Sea. Global famous for their beauty, unique culture, history and amazing beaches. The Aegean Islands are the most popular and world-famous islands in Greece. In this article, you will find summary information for the south Aegean islands and the north Aegean Sea. Maps, Coordinates, the most popular locations you must visit and many more.

You will come across many amazing water sports, ancient Greek history and traditional recipes. Will instantly fall in love with the hospitality of the local people and the traditional amazing flavours. Tasting amazing recipes with unique traditional products. Planning a Greece trip.

In this list, you can find the best Greek islands for couples, for individuals and for your family vacations at the same time. In each case, you will surely enjoy this uniquely crafted journey.

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Best Aegean Islands for 2019

New and updated guide list for the best Aegean islands, for 2021.


The most famous Greek island on the Aegean Sea. Regarding the popularity, the great reviews and the tourist’s traffic every year. This spectacular island in the Cyclades gives its visitors one lifetime of experience. The sunset view is without a doubt, surprising and one of the best sunset in the world. Best Tour operator for Greece.

Traditional villages with white-washed houses, it’s like hanging from the edge of the hills. This region is the most important volcanic eruptions in European’s recorded history.


What you can do in Santorini. Best suggestions from experts and locals.

  • Enjoy your first day on the Red beach. located a few miles from the “Akrotiri” village.
  • Wine tasting tour for the award wine Vinsanto red wine. Form vineyards with 3,000 years of history.
  • Scuba diving in caldera’s deep waters. You will find dive tours for all levels.
  • You will find many award-winning restaurants, in the capital of Santorini “Fira”.
  • Enjoy the sunset at Imerovigli. Voted the most beautiful sunset in Europe and second worldwide.
  • Small and long trips with Sea Kayak. Feel the volcanic beauty of this amazing island.
  • Photography lessons. A professional photographer will show you the secret corners of this island.
  • Stand Up Paddling experience. Discover unexplored locations and beaches.
  • Archaeology Tour in Akrotiri, a city buried by volcanic ash before 4,000 years.


Population: 15,550, Region: South Aegean, Google Map: Santorini., Regional unit: Thira, Postal code: 847 00, 847 02.

Santorini Island
Milos Island

Milos is famous for its unspoilt nature. The biggest attraction of the place is the turquoise waters.

Once you will step on the island you will instantly fall in love with the beauty that it withholds. The island is covered with volcanos.  This is the reason it is known as the volcanic island.

Due to the surface below and the reflection of the sun the water is in a turquoise colour that makes it look more elegant and attractive.

You can spend your time swimming in the water or exploring the surrounding areas of the Milos. You will come across, various beautiful white rocks in the region. Locals of Greece love this island.

Google Map: Milos island. Population: 4,988, Capital: Plaka, Highest elevation: 748 m (2,454 ft.), Coordinates: 36°41′N 24°25′E.

Milos Island

Mykonos Island. 

If you love the nightlife and the big parties. Mykonos is definitely the island that you must visit. It is a place for party lovers. People love to party in Mykonos till the morning. You will surely enjoy the lively environment and friendly locals who will help you have the best parties in your life.

What to do.

  • The summer nightclubs on this island, are the best in Europe. With famous DJ’s and special events.
  • Waters sports on Kalafatis beach. wakeboarding, windsurfing and flyboarding.
  • More than 30 beautiful beaches for swimming lovers.
  • You will find the best Boutique hotels and the best 5 * famous hotels for your stay.
  • Visiting the birthplace for ancient Greek gods, Aphrodite and Apollo.
    With archaeological tours to Delos island. A Unesco World Heritage spot.
  • Mountain biking in the north coast, through traditional villages and roads. With the amazing view of the Aegean Sea.
  • Don’t forget to enjoy the sunset from the famous bar, “Little Venice” in the capital of the island.


You will come across some of the best nightclubs and pubs in the area. All your favourite drink and cocktails will be available. You will get a chance to experience some of the best drinks from around the world. The top choice regarding the nightlife and the so many celebrities, from this best Aegean Islands list.

Area: 105.2 km2, Region: South Aegean, Time zone – Summer: UTC+3 (EEST). Coordinates: 37°27′N 25°21′E.

Mykonos Island

Paros Island

Paros is known as the peal of the best Greek islands. It is the most developed and amazing place in the Aegean islands. It is the best shopping spot in the region where you can visit markets for a long time. The top choice regarding Extreme sports and worldwide sports events, as the Kitesurfing.

There are several beaches in the location that will allow you to have a unique experience.

You will find the best quality products but the Paros island needs more credit than named as an island where you can go on a shopping trip. You will surely enjoy the experience that you will have in Paros. It is a place you should never stop visiting.

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Population: 6,058, Coordinates: 37°5′N 25°9′E, Area: 196.3 km2 (75.8 sq. mi.).

Tips, month to month for the best time to visit Greece.

Paros Best Aegean Islands
Naxos Island

Naxos is famous as Hawaii of Greece. It is known for its natural beauty and the god of wine. Once you are in the place you will love the mixture of nature and modern buildings on the island. There are many amazing spots that you should visit in Naxos.

However, if you have someone special with you on the trip, it is the best place to get down on your one knee.

The long white sandy beaches will provide you with a chance to explore the entire beach and enjoy your time with your hands in the hands of the one you love the most.

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Area: 429.785 km2, Population: 18,904, Coordinates: 37°3′N 25°29′E, Highest elevation: 3,291 ft. Google Map: Naxos.

Naxos Island

Tinos Island

Tinos has in excess of 50 towns, each competing to be the most attractive of all. In Pyrgos, renowned for its marble experts, etched flying creatures and blossoms finish each entryway. In Volax, container weavers squat outside bungalows cut from mammoth rocks apparently flung from the sky by Zeus in an attack of arousing.

There’s even a town called love, Agapi, where you can tuck into wild-fennel squanders at the main taverna.

Tinos considers its nourishment culture important: there are artichoke, escapade and nectar celebrations. Greeks make a trip for a considerable length of time to eat cuttlefish risotto at Thalassaki, served on the breakwater in Isternia inlet, at that point watch nightfall seep into the skyline from Exomeria bar.

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Population: 8,636, Coordinates: 37°36′N 25°08′E.

Tinos Island

Andros Island

The town square ought to be your first port of approach any Greek island: subside into your most loved bistro, get nearby chatter, and change in accordance with the drowsy pace of life.

On Andros, this displays a test: the bluff holder capital, Chora, has not one but rather three squares, each overflowing with a disorder of bistros, tavernas and dinky raki bars. We suggest Pounta (, where the Danish proprietor makes (and offers) the disproportionate containers and bowls in which your espresso and Greek yoghurt are served.

From Chora, crisscrossing steps lead, way up yonder, into the clouds to the main genuine milestone, Panagia church; make the journey at dawn (maybe after dusk ’til dawn affair at diminutive Astarti bar).

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Google Map: Andros. Population: 9,221, Coordinates: 37°50′N 24°53′E. Sailboat rental for sailing adventures.

Andros Island


  1. From crystal clear waters and secluded beaches to a colourful underwater world and diversity in its finest form, the Aegean is home to it all.

  2. One of the most magnificent islands in the Aegean Sea is defiantly Milos Island.
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  3. One lifetime of experience. The sunset views was unbelievable. Amazing beaches and so much archaeological places to visit.

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