Greek food and the top 10 Greek recipes from whole Greece.

The country and urban Greek food of every locale is a little yet essential bit of the confuse called Greek food.

Until recently as of late, most voyagers knew about just a few standard dishes, like, moussaka, tzatziki, Gyro meat and Greek salad. Each side of this fantastically shifted nation has its own specialities. Tips, month to month for the best time to visit Greece.

The neighbourhood larder and formulas are a result of the scene, its richness, crops, pastures, closeness to the ocean, associations with different societies – Italians, Anatolians, Slavs to give some examples – thus considerably more. Be that as it may, a few strings interface them all: they comply with the seasons and they are overflowing with honest to goodness tastes.

Greek Cuisine

Culinary Influences and history of Greek Cuisine.

Greek cooking is a mosaic of flavours that recounts the tale of Greece’s rich social and culinary history. While herbs like thyme, basil, oregano, mint – are utilized broadly in Greek cooking, the nearness of flavours is a piece of the Byzantine legacy and a declaration to the immense deluge of Greeks from Asia Minor. To them, we owe such mainstream dishes as imam baildi is the stuffed eggplant, moussaka, all the syprupy filled cakes in the baklava family, meats prepared with cumin, and numerous some more.

In the neighbourhoods cooking of the north, you may even go over meaningful dishes from the Pontus – brought by Greeks from the Caucasus –, for example, piroshki, a warming soup and yoghurt, and little pies called pisia loaded up with anything you can envision. Pontic cooking a festival of a lost country, as is the nourishment of the outcasts from Smyrna, who fled in a rush in 1922 with just the garments on their backs and their music and their formulas in their souls. Planning a trip to Greece 2019.

Greek food makes you lick your fingers, taste not to forget. 

With their entry in Greece, took after later by numerous Greeks from Constantinople, the nation acquired an immense collection of formulas from a culture that was more refined than the mainland’s, with new seasonings, flavours and arrangements. Precisely cumin-scented soutzoukakia (meatballs with tomato sauce), plied meatballs (keftedes), atzem pilaf (sheep with boiled rice and a huge number of other rice dishes), as well as dolmadakia or Dolma (stuffed vine-leaves and an entire scope of stuffed leaves and vegetables), are an unimportant example.

At this point, these treats have been ingested into the standard cooking, yet you’ll see them particularly in tavernas in places where the evacuees initially moved, in the Athenian neighbourhoods of Nea Smyrni, Palio Faliro, Nea Ionia and, obviously, in Thessaloniki, that extraordinary blend of societies. There, notwithstanding nourishments from Asia Minor, you’ll discover Sephardic Jewish dishes, specialities from the Balkans and a lot of grand fish, for example, pilaf and ultra-new mussels, that come with shrimps in tomato sauce and scores of little dishes which all run down a treat with a bit.

Greek food and recipes from Epirotic cuisines.

Epirotic cuisines are the special cuisines that are prepared in the Zagori region of Greece. This area is famous for wellness tourism. There are various mountain ranges and 46 alpine villages where people from around the world explore, some of the best wellness tourism destinations. Here we have some of the famous Epirotic cuisines that you should try when in Zagori.


Moussaka can be called the traditional type of lasagna but it comes with a unique twist because there is no paste or chicken in it. Moussaka is a special dish which is prepared with the vegetables, potatoes, ground beef and béchamel sauce. The layers of eggplants and beef are adjusted on top of each other. To add more flavour several other ingredients are added to the mix like cinnamon, red wine, garlic and much more.

To assure that layers will stay in their place cheese is added to the mixture. It is covered with béchamel sauce to give its soft texture while frying or baking. You can try anything according to your ease. Once the dish is prepared it will look exactly like a lasagna but the taste is entirely different.

Pita Bread.

For ages, we have been enjoying different types of bread considering that they came from Italy only because bread is commonly used in the Italian cuisines. However, if you will pay attention to the history you will notice that some of the most famous bread that we commonly use these days come from Epirotic culture. Yoga wellness.

Pita bread is one of the most famous types of bread that was prepared in Greece for the first time. It is prepared with all the natural ingredients and little extra virgin Extra virgin olive oil. You will know the original flavours and softness of the bread. It will melt in your mouth.

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Greek Cuisine from Zagori

Ionian islands, best Greek recipes

Visiting the islands of Greece provides an amazing experience. Ionian islands are famous not only for the beautiful views but also for the traditional Greek food recipes that you will not find anywhere else. If you are planning to visit the Ionian islands you cannot leave without trying these Greek dishes.

Greece will take you into a trip to history. Pastitsada is one of the most famous dishes that you should try. You might have got the idea by now that it is another variation of paste. In this dish, long noodle like pasta is boiled and little cheese is added to it for extra flavour.

The most important part of this paste is the sauce that comes on top. It is prepared with veal, tomato sauce, poultry, fish and beef meat. There are so many flavours added to the same sauce. To enhance the flavour there are various traditional spices added to the sauce to assure that you will indulge in its flavours.

It is a famous Greek dish that originated from Italia culture. It is a special dish in which the veal meat is sliced into small pieces and it is marinated with flour and it is fried properly. After that meat is combined with tart sauce which is prepared using parsley and garlic. It is then cooked using white wine and vinegar.

Once the dish is completed it is served with the sauce and you will enjoy it with mashed potatoes or rice. You will surely enjoy the exciting flavours of this traditional Greek dish. They are prepared using the traditional techniques and spices with a modern twist.

Recipes from the Aegean Islands.

Aegean islands are one of the most famous places in Greece. These you will try the best of the Mediterranean diet. Here you will not only enjoy the amazing cuisines but also the spectacular beaches and the attractive sites that will allow you to enjoy your food even more.

Pasta Salad.
It is a combination of a traditional and modern style dishes that you would love to enjoy. All the healthy vegetables are added like the famous olives, salad leaves, tomatoes all your favourites vegetables and extra virgin olive oil. In the end, boiled and flavoured pasta is added to the dish. If you want you can keep it healthy or add feta cheese and dressings to the mix to make it more flavorful.


Stuffed vine leaves with rice. 
It is a side dish in which the boiled rice is wrapped in the vine leaves. There are some traditional chefs who add beef, bacon or chicken in the rice as well to enhance the flavour of the dish. Once wrapped in leaf the product is boiled in a traditional boiler that will enhance the flavour of the dish. Favoured hashtags: traditional Greek foods, easy Greek recipes, top 10 Greek recipes, spinach pie.

Macedonian cuisines and traditional Greek dishes.

Macedonian cuisines are famous in North Greece. The chefs prefer to prepare the dishes in the same old way, so customers can enjoy the true flavours of the traditional Greek recipes. Some of the famous dishes that you should try are. Greece tour packages.

If you have been to Greece and you have not tried the famous Shirden. This is a special dish that is prepared with the lamb’s stomach. There is a special lining in lamb’s stomach that issued for the preparation of Shirden. The lining is filled with different stuffing. Everyone has made their own stuffing according to their taste and likes. Once the stomach is stuffed it is cooked for a long time.

It takes longer to cook as compared to any other dished but also you will chew the soft stomach of lamb in your mouth with all the delicious stuffing you will instantly appreciate the meal. It feels like a work of art because everything about Shirden is perfect from its taste to texture. After your meal, the Greek dessert galaktoboureko is the ideal choice.


Potato Stew.
One of the most traditional dishes of Macedonian culture. People of modern era call it is the dish of poor. However, once you will have the taste of the stew you will love it more than your meat stew. The best thing about this stew is that it can be prepared in different forms.

You can prepare it with meat if you like or without oil in case you are fasting. It is one of the best lean dishes that are served in Greece. If you are on a diet and would like to lose some weight and gain muscle bulk, potato stew is the dish that will be recommended by the experts because it has all the nutrients that you need to keep yourself healthy and get rid of the stored fats.

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Shirden recipe
Peloponnese Cuisine from South Greece.

Once you are in Greece you cannot leave the place without trying the Peloponnese recipes. You will surely love the flavours and appearance of the traditional dishes that will be served for you.

It is a very famous cookie is Greece that is made with the almonds. You will instantly feel the amazing flavours of the Greek cookie. Amygdalota goes perfectly with the traditional Greek coffee. It is better that you enjoy it while its warm, to enjoy all the flavours that come with the cookie.

Do not forget to try Baklava in Greece while you are in the Southern region. It is famous Greek sweet that is a little sweet and salty in flavour. It is crispy that has a unique filling made with dry fruits. The Baklava is dipped in a sweet and savoury flavour that will enhance the flavour of the dish. Popular hashtags – filo pastry, phyllo pastry, sesame seeds.

Greek Baklava - Greek food
Crete – Greek food and popular recipes.

If you will not try the dishes from Crete island your trip will be incomplete. Make sure that you pick some of the best Greek food items.

Paximadi is a special rusk like bread that is topped with different types of dressings that include meat (optional), crushed tomatoes, herbs and olives are added and they are topped with Cretan cheese. You will love the amazing flavour and colours of the dish.

Cretan cheese and cheese pie.
This is a special type of cheese that is loved by the people in Greece. To make it more delicious the cheese is slightly cooked with different spices and it is served with fresh tomatoes, onions and other vegetables.


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