Ecotourism packages; 10 Guidelines and 3 suggested trips!


3 best ecotourism packages for 2021, for small groups and families. Do not miss the opportunity to travel to natural areas and unexplored locations! Start today your first natural and cultural journey. 

Greece is definitely one of the most beautiful and Eco-friendly countries in international ecotourism society.
Ecotourism is a new and modern method for traveling; involving undisturbed natural locations and natural resources.

  • Since the Eighties (the 1980s), tourism has been thought about a crucial endeavor by environmentalists, thus future generations may experience destinations relatively untouched by human intervention.
  • Its purpose could also be to educate and teach the traveler. Also, one of the crucial goals is, to provide funds for ecological conservations. Or to foster respect for numerous cultures and for human rights. Many university programs use this description because of the operating definition for this form of tourism.
  • Therefore, additionally to evaluating environmental and cultural factors, AN integral a part of this modern travel method is that the promotion of energy potency, new recycling methods, clean water conservation, and creation of economic opportunities for local culture and local communities. For these important reasons, ecotourism the most times appeals to social responsibility and to advocates of natural environments.

2020 – Become an Eco-Tourist this year. Bespoke journeys of authentic taste and culture in Greece. 

There are, so many amazing locations available in Greece. Once you enter the country you will love to explore every corner of this beautiful country. Select the destinations you want to visit and make this wellness trip one unforgettable journey.

Eco travel packages
Eco packages in Greece

Sustainable tourism for small groups and couples


The northwest piece of Ecotourism packages, for the most part, known for its forested mountains and profound winding streams. You will have a portion of the most seasoned and lovely scaffolds remaining over them.

Parnona and Taygetos, the two most beautiful mountains in Greece and perfect for eco-tourism adventure. They have some of the best eco-farms and luxurious guesthouses. The location of the area is in the beautiful valley of Olive gardens. You will enjoy the cloud forest and natural beauty. It is the perfect location for nature lovers, families and small groups. Luxury tours.


You can explore traditional green farming in Greece which includes.

  1. Breeding and Seasonal cooking.
  2. Gardening and Soapmaking.
  3. Organize wine production and much more.


You can also, participate in amazing agricultural activities taste delicious organic products. Do not miss the chance to explore Ancient Sparta. It is a spellbinding castle town that will take you into the history of Greece.

Parnona, one such stunning spot that you will never forget. The focal point of Greece is an untainted paradise. Renowned for its pine timberlands, and the high mountains they remain on. The absolute most noteworthy chasms can be found in this locale and it is perfect for treks. Popular hashtags: positive impact, financial benefits, indigenous people, the tourism industry.

Region: Peloponnese

Area: 21,549.6 km

Population: 1,100,071

Coogle Map: Preview

eco farm

Responsible ecotourism packages, for families!


If you are planning to visit Greece with your family, you will get many amazing options to bond with your children. The Eco-farms in Greece is comfortable and beautiful considering always the environmental conservation. You can bond with nature and show your children the true colours of farm life.

Get a chance to discover all the natural treasures and taste some of the traditional products, which you have forgotten about. Let your children enjoy the sound, taste, and smell of nature that will stay in their memory forever. Greece tour packages.

You can see the live process of sourcing and harvesting natural ingredients. Examine the botanical surroundings and magnificent highlights of Greek culture. This has made it simpler for individuals to take up such excursions also, with numerous civilities accessible to them. Best Tour operator for Greece.

Going to such sensitive spots, vacationers are additionally required to be mindful and comprehend the results of harming such destinations. They have to carry on mindfully and take after all the tenets of a specific zone, which because of the idea of their motivation will change from place to put.

This is fundamental if these locales are to be kept up for future ages to appreciate too. Ecotourism in Greece isn’t just about furnishing vacationers with engaging spots to visit, yet in addition, monitoring these locales to guarantee a superior tomorrow.

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Google Map: Preview 

Region: Messinia – 2,991 km2

Ecotourism packages

Scuba diving and Ecotourism activities!

Staying in cosmopolitan island Kefalonia, at the Ionian Sea. You will find and discover spectacular beauty below the surface from the Ionian islands. At the area between Kefalonia and Ithaki, you will enjoy the crystal-clear waters that supply visibility of up to 30-40 meters. Very close to the home of the famous from mythology, Odysseus. Diving in Greece.

Your group are going to be escorted by a professional marine scientist on daily expeditions. All dives will be reaches not far than twenty minutes from the boat. All the mandatory equipment is annually maintained and from the top-range brands.

Scuba diving travel plan, Day by day agenda! 

Arrive at your elegant boutique hotel in Fiskardo, Kefalonia island. Splendid views over Lefkada and Ithaca islands. Visiting the museum of the dive centre’s Environmental and find out the local protected marine life.

Breakfast on the hotel’s terrace enclosed by majestic cypresses and orange groves. Departure to Emblissi (10:30 am).

One beautiful and guarded eco-system that contains hot springs, plants and animals, ancient pottery relics among hills of Posidonia archipelago seaweed (max depth 16m).

The third day you will dive in Xeropunta, a simple coastal dive (max depth 15m). Relax and explore little canyons and a shallow cavern (6m deep) wherever you’ll be able to admire bright coral-encrusted walls.

One amongst Kefalonia’s most well-liked dives – The Temple. A massive coral-decorated cave with a pair of entrances making spectacular light-weight effects for those within the middle of the cave (max depth 29 meters). Free evening.

First dive to a very popular dive location, the secret of The secret of Venus. One dramatic slender ravine gap up into a 30m long tunnel with unimaginable lightweight effects. An underwater oasis (max depth 30m).

A memorable experience, with bespoke trips and crafting tours!

Greece is definitely one of the most beautiful and adventurous countries in the world. You will not only find a rich culture but also a breathtaking range of natural areas that conserve a unique geography. Greece is a renowned location for mass tourism, sustainable travel and Ecotourism trips in the last years.

Wellness from Greecefully, will help you to explore a wide range of plants that might range to 6,000 species. It is just the beginning, you will find several subspecies. It contributes to the botanical field of Europe which makes Greece the floral heaven.

Ecotourism packages

In Greece, the diversity is at its peak from a geographical point of view.

In the NATURA 2000 network of Europe, 1/5th of the country is included. It means that you will come across rick ecology and exciting areas to explore, considering the best ecotourism packages.

  1. Birch forests and alpine grasslands.
  2. Hidden ravines and seasonal rivers
  3. High mountain peaks, Estuaries
  4. Crystal water and spectacular locations for scuba diving, and much more things to do in Greece.

Greece has been famous for spectacular holidays since the beginning. However, this journey will provide you with a chance to explore something unique. Explore the tread beaten paths. You will get a chance to cater to all the flavours of Greece.

You will get the opportunity to experience the breathtaking forests. Have a ride through the national park. Greece will provide you with a chance to travel through coastal ecosystems. There are numerous wetlands with exquisite birds. Do not miss the chance to mingle with the marine life. you can visit the normal and endangered species in the marine parks. Meet the loggerhead turtle and Monk seal. Popular hashtags: tour operators, negatively impact, high standards. Things to do in Crete.


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