3 best Healthy roads & tours for Greece | Wellness trips 2019


Greece has the best healthy roads for your wellness.
Having amazing places, spectacular views, and great historical values.

This country is known for its healthy roads, mountainous region which covers like 80 percent of the land, having Mount Olympus to be the highest mount in the country. Being the birthplace and center of attraction in southern Europe this country tends to be always busy, full of festivals and events no matter which time of the year you visit.

Also, because of the high rate of people migrating in and out of the country, the other major means of income is gotten from modern tourism and wellness trips.

This country has so many places to visit, no matter the reason for visiting Greece got your back cover. Now let’s talk about one of the major tourism and/or reason for visiting Greece.


What is the definition of wellness tourism?

  • It involves making the mind and body conditions the main topic.
  • Making sure you are healthy, physically and mentally fit is just the main purpose of this.
  • It involves engaging in mind clearing and physical activities to refresh and make the body feel healthier.
  • It involves mind clearing, stress controls, yoga, spa services, and other fun activities.
  • Most preferred wellness activity to engage in Greece are the spa treatments,
    stress management and other fun, thrilling activities that will get you excited.


Some healthy roads and wellness activities to engage in:

Wellness on its own involves so many activities that can be able to relax and relieve the body of all sort of stress; some of them will be discussed in this article. Let’s now consider some of those exciting activities;

Spar service/treatment:
One of the most breathtaking and stress relieving activities Greece has to offer is its spa treatment. Having the most natural therapeutic spa, Greece treats about 100,000 persons through the hydrotherapeutic centers and have up to 1,400,000 treatments while the rest are locally operated therapeutic spa treatment centers. Greece, having a warm and relaxing whether offers the best treatment for both body healing and mind relaxation.

Having a vast variety of springs located across the country, Greece offers the best natural spring from history down to our time. This natural spring treatment helps in healing both body and mind also, in turn, refreshing and relaxing the body. This trending wellness tourism helps to attain a perfect and refreshed physical health making sure the individuals have a memorable and remarkable experience to depart with. These mind and body relaxing activity is a truly remarkable and praiseworthy attribute that healthy roads offering in Greece.

Healthy roads

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Let now see some of the most remarkable wellness trips;

1) Zagori

It’s one of the remarkable destinations that Greece has to offer. Located in the northwest corners of Greece, this place is also known for its mountain view and remarkable parks (two in total). This remarkable place has 41 Alpine villages and is connected through the zigzag roads that run across through the villages.

This place is known for its heavenly and breathtaking views, also for its remarkable mountain plans and locations that leave you perplexed. It’s mainly known for; its lovely and healthy meals, yoga classes, spa services, and places to lodge.

Also known as one of Greece most famous locations and unfailing services offered. The Zagori is one of Europe pride and has the best uplifting and breathtaking sites to offer the best services to make an individual remember it in his/her lifetime.

Wellness trips

2) A spiritual journey to Corfu island

This location is packed with so many different activities making your day enjoyable.

It’s packed with different kinds of yoga, healthy food, different cultural locations, breathing, and quality wine, recipes on different meals, all-expense paid transportation.

Known for their different type of yoga Corfu island makes sure you start your day with a spiritual, enjoyable and body relaxing yoga like the Hatha yoga that helps those new to yoga, and helps them to have a good breath control. Also, another form of yoga is the vinyasa yoga that deals with the position of the body or body postures to enhance the framework of the body. Luxury tours.

It is a more advanced form of the Hatha yoga but requires more physical effort making your tour an enjoyable and bodybuilding one.

Healthy roads and Wellness trips

3) Scuba diving among Ionian islands. 

This beautiful and remarkable journey is an all expensed paid trip from the arrival at the airport to the destination. This location is like daydreaming, because of its clear with irrefutably beautiful waters.

Also in the course of this journey, you get to experience different types of mobility and discover underwater life through the guidance of experienced and licensed divers who will assist you through your tour to ensure a long-lasting and beautiful experience. Through these healthy roads, you could engage in different activities like scuba diving; an all-expense paid enjoyable meals, seven days luxurious lodge and spars to relax and engage your mind.

Because of the location of this island almost all your activities will be done underwater for breathing taking discovery and enjoyment. No matter what activity you may be engaged in always know that the Ionian islands will make your tour the most breathtaking and relaxing tour. All inclusive Greece.

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  1. The Corfu island was amazing with unbelievable turquoise clean waters. The energy of the place is ideal for yoga and relaxation.
    We met the warmest people we have ever seen; We have no words for the people and the hospitality. The 4* hotel and the traditional Greek breakfast was surprisingly amazing.
    Next year we want to try the Aegean adventure tour.

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