Greece holidays for couples | Best suggestions by experts 2020

This article would let you in on everything Greece Holiday for couples. With bespoke travel services and where you can find 230 luxury villas in 25 different locations. There are so many things Greece has to offer, such as Culture, tasty and healthy cuisines, amazing nightlife, sports, interesting archaeological sites, painting courses, yoga and so much more.

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With all giving you a peaceful and beautiful getaway for couples.


Holiday destinations and the Aegean Sea. 

This country has come to be known for its perfect climate as you get 300 days’ worth of sunshine from the 365 days in a year. It is a very convenient place for couples to take a walk in the sun while enjoying the view of the virgin landscapes, and the exotic sea colour.

It’s one of the best places for you and your significant other because you also have no worries concerning safety as Greece has been recorded as being one of the safest countries in the world.

You can Comfortably go anywhere you want and explore anything you can on the islands Because the criminality rate is really low. You can do so even at night and feel free talking to the locals as Greeks are known for being one of the nicest and accommodating people in the world especially island locals, compared to the busier city of Athens.

Therefore, you can just sit back and enjoy the night sky and fresh breeze by your significant other with no worry in the world except having too much fun and relaxation. Planning a Greece trip 2019.


Best couple holiday’s ideas 2020 | Greece holidays for couples.

It is as a dream holiday couples need to have at least once in a lifetime. People might wonder, what is fascinating in Greece other than the long crystal beaches with taverns for relaxation?

Well, there are a lot more Greece has to offer, enough to get you addicted. Places in Greece have quite a lot of history too, making you learn and enjoy both architecture and history in one place and to be very honest, once you visit Greece, it’ll most likely be your number vacation spot for a long time.

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Greece holidays for couples

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Greece tourism

1) Aegean adventure

You cannot possibly go for a holiday in Greece as a couple and not explore the Greek islands. It isn’t something you need to be told but something you need to behold first hand, and there couldn’t be a better way to experience the Aegean than boarding a boutique yacht.

As a couple or even an individual, you can spend a few nights in Athens before learning more On the Aegean. While learning of the city by local experts who would be more than willing to help.

The Greek islands for the icons of the Aegean adventure consist of the Delos, Rineia, Syria, maxis, Antiparos and despotiko, koufonissia, Tonia Tinos, Syros, Paros, Naxos, and the Mykonos.

With a few back-to-back visits, you can explore each island and learn about the Greek history and mythology surrounding the area. The Minotaur of Crete’s home and of course, The temple of Athena which lies at the top of the Athenian Acropolis.

Islands like the Mykonos and the Delos, for example, are great sites to learn about the archaeology and history of Greece. All islands have a unique thing about them from crystal clear waters with healing energy as well as a center of Greek mythology. Delos is known for where Leto, who was fleeing from an Angry Hera (Zeus’s wife), found sanctuary and gave birth to her twins Apollo and Artemis, according to Greek mythology.

Aegean adventure 2019

2) Wellness experience and romantic destinations, in Zagorochoria.

This experience gives you a 3-7-day hiking activity to cleanse your body. The Zagori is located in the northwest part of Greece and is a region as well as a municipality located in the Pindus mountains in Epirus. Zagori has a total land area of 1,000 sq. km with about 46 Zagori villages which are all in the shapes of upturned triangles and all connected by a zigzag road. In these beautiful mountains lies untouched, beautiful planes, you can look upon the landscape in search of peace and wellness experience.

Not only does Zagori have beautiful landscapes as well as architecture but it also has an abundance of outdoor activities. Most Greeks visit the Zagori especially during the winter and fall although it is a great destination to be in whatever time of year it is. Activities to enjoy, like:

  • Horse riding
  • Mountain climbing
  • Daily hikes
  • Rock climbing
  • Rafting and Rowing
  • Cycling

If you love yourself a boost of the adrenaline rush, then this is just the best place to be. And other fun activities such as snowboarding and skiing are not so far away at Grevena, which is just an hour drive from the Zagori. All these activities tend to restore your general wellbeing, and you get to see ancient stones, pristine forests and old mule trails. The rivers in the Zagori are also known to be drinkable as they are crystalline and clean.

The Zagori wellness experience also comes with mind therapies and exercises such as:

  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • massages
  • Taichi
  • Reiki sessions

All designed to relax your body and mind, while giving you a taste of local Zagori cuisines to make you crave for more. And according to history, the mother of Alexander the Great, who was named Olympias was born in Molossida, a village in Zagori.

Zagori national park

3) Scuba Diving Greece: The Ionian Sea.

There so many islands to choose from in the Ionian which could make you confused about which in particular to scuba dive in. But you have nothing to worry about as they are all very beautiful and have exotic underwater life that you might even want to try them all. The waters are protected by a marine park, offering you a safe place for diving in Greece. The Marine park ensures that sea life thrives in these waters, giving you a wide and healthy variety.

The top Diving sites in the Ionian Sea include:

  • Barbaro Caves
  • F495
  • Canyon
  • Little Rio
  • House reef
  • Lighthouse
  • Nissopoulo
  • Poseidon Gate
  • Odysseus
  • The Caves
  • Sky hole

The island of Corfu, for example, is situated off the northwest of Greece, which is considered the capital of the Ionian Sea. The Greeks have it that the name Corfu was gotten from the daughter of a river goddess whom Poseidon fell in love with. Another legend has it that the Ionian Sea got its name from the daughter of Inachos and Melia, a nymph. Her name was Io, and she was chased by Hera because Zeus fell in love with her.

The amazing dive spots in The Ionian islands are so beautiful; it should be considered a sin not to check it out.

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4) Honeymoon and romantic destinations in Greek Mountains. 

You can’t possibly say you had a complete trip to Greece if you haven’t checked out their mountains which have a lot of Greek mythology embedded in them such as the very famous Mount Olympus and Mount Pelion.

Mount Olympus is popular for being the home of the Greek gods, and almost everyone has heard of it from one way or the other. Either true pop culture or learning the arts etc. It is known for being ruled by the king of the gods, the almighty Zeus himself and this is no surprise why the mountains are exclusively and impeccably beautiful.

This spot has to be in your holiday package, and if your travel designer knows his job perfectly, This would definitely be included on your list.

Exploring the mountains takes you to beautiful spots such as the forest of Zeus, the spring of Centaurs and The Valley where the muses in Greek mythology were hosted. It is also known that classical Greeks visited the mount Pelion when they were in search of the wisdom of the centaurs.

It was known that the Greek Gods spent almost all their lives in Mount Olympus and it is the highest mountain in the entire country. While the retired to Mount Pelion in the summer. This has made these mountains a safe haven for both ancient and modern Greeks. Zeus’s brother, Poseidon isn’t left out in all of this, as you can have access to his caves through boat rides

Greek Mountains 2019

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