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Here you will find everything you need to know about things to do in Crete. Crete is famous as the most populous island of Greece. It is also the biggest island. In the Mediterranean, it is the 5th largest island, while in the world it is 88th largest island. Crete is a beautiful island will history and myths that will allow you to enjoy unforgettable vacations. Planning a trip to Greece.

Some history facts: In 2002, the scientist Gerard Gierlinski found fossil impressions left by antiquated human relatives 5,600,000 years ago. Primates settled in Crete Greece somewhere around 130,000 years back. In the Bronze Age periods, below the Minoans. However, Crete had a very created, educated civilization.

After a short time of freedom under a temporary Cretan government, it joined the Hellenic democracy. It was possessed by Nazi Germany amid the Second World War. Crete Greece history is full of events.


5 Top-Rated things to do in Crete. Highlights of Crete. 

Here we have the list of top 5 amazing locations you should visit and enjoy in Crete.

1. Elounda. 

Elounda is an outstanding luxury resort at the centre point of Crete, (Elouda town from Wikipedia). If you like the luxury vacations, you want to meet famous people, or out and out extravagant you might remain someplace in Elounda. What we found in the wake of driving past every one of the resorts was a peaceful stone shoreline. Most importantly, with quiet and get waters to hang out in for the day. With an awesome view watching out to the little island of Spinalonga.

2. Lake Kournas. 

The main crisp water lake in Crete lies in a valley among green, moving slopes. The Lake Kournas isn’t gigantic. It is deserving of a few a couple of hours stop to see the unmistakable, blue, new water. The activity here is leased an oared vessel and appreciate the quiet lake water.

3. Agios Nikolaos. 

In the most distant east of Crete is the capital of Lasithi is Agios Nikolaos. It’s an extraordinary little town to investigate. Also, is certainly one of the slightest visited on the island. You will appreciate having an espresso along Mirabello Bay while looking at the Sitia mountains.

4. Samariá Gorge. 

This is a National Park of Greece and a primary goal for voyagers in Crete. It is ostensibly outstanding amongst other spots to find in Crete and is numerous guests most loved activity in Greece. Guests can climb through the crevasse from the Omalos level to Agia Roumeli.

The climb takes five to seven hours relying upon physical capacity and the amount you stop. Summers in Greece are extremely sweltering and exceptionally damp. So, make a point to begin early and bring loads of water to stay away from a horrendous day.

5. Lasithi Windmills. 

In case you need something different and unique, make a beeline for the Lasithi windmills (Google map for: Windmills of the Lasithi Plateau). The level has two or three little, conventional Greek towns around, yet the genuine draw here are the windmills. There more likely than not been a huge number of white-cruised windmills in this wonderful level once upon a time.

In any case, most are surrendered now for present-day innovations. However, there are as yet a not many that have the white sails on them, and they make for incredible photographs and great survey. Popular hashtags: Heraklion archaeological museum, the leper colony and the Elounda beaches. Article for Tailor-made Holidays.

Things to do in Crete
Crete - Minoan palace


Crete is the most crowded island in Greece with a populace of more than 600,000 people. Roughly 42% live in Crete Greece’s principal of urban communities and towns while 45% live in rustic areas. Crete with its close-by islands shapes the Crete Region. One of the 13 districts of Greece which were built up in the 1987 authoritative change.

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Crete has a rich folklore for the most part associated with the old-fashioned Greek Gods yet additionally associated with the Minoan civilisation. As per Greek Mythology, The Mount Dikti, Diktaean Cave was the origin of the famous god Zeus. Paximadia islands are known as the origin of the goddess Artemis and the god Apollo. Their mom, the goddess Leto, was venerated at Phaistos.

The goddess Athena washed in Lake Voulismeni. The antiquated Greek god Zeus propelled a lightning jolt at a mammoth reptile that was debilitating Crete. The reptile fore instantly swung to stone and turned into the island of Dia. The islets of Lefkai were the aftereffect of a melodic challenge between the Sirens and the Muses. Luxury tours.

Cretan cuisine & dishes.

Crete is famous for its traditional cuisines.

Some of the famous cuisines you must try in Crete are.

  1. Blessed thistle with lamb
  2. Apaki, pork meat.
  3. Gamopilafo.
  4. Snails with tomato.
  5. Crete Omelette with feta.
  6. Chirino with celery.
  7. Sofegada.
  8. Patouda (dessert).
  9. Amygdalopita (dessert).
  10. Portokalopita (dessert).

Archaeological Cities.

Some of the famous Archaeological cities you will come across in Crete Greece is.

  • Knossos palace.
  • Petras.
  • Gortys.
  • Phaistos.
  • Koufonisi and Malia.

Some present cities you will come across are.

  • Chania and Heraklion.
  • Rethymno.
  • Ierapetra and Sitia.
Minoan civilisation.

The Minoan human advancement was an Aegean Bronze Age development on the island of Crete and the other Aegean Islands which thrived from around 2700 – 1600 BC, before a late time of decrease, at last consummation around 1100 BC. It went before and was consumed by the Mycenaean human advancement of old Greece.

The development was rediscovered toward the start of the twentieth century through crafted by British excavator Arthur Evans. The name “Minoan” got from the legendary King Minos and was authored by Evans, who distinguished the site at Knossos with the maze and the Minotaur.

The Minoan development has been portrayed as the most punctual of its kind in Europe, with history specialist Will Durant calling the Minoans “the primary connection in the European chain”. Wellness.

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Minoan civilisation - Crete
Mycenaean civilisation.

Mycenaean Greece (or Mycenaean human advancement) was the last period of the Bronze Age in Ancient Greece, traversing the period from roughly 1600 to 1100 BC. It speaks to the primary propelled human progress in terrain Greece, with its illustrious states, urban association, centrepieces and composting system.

Among the focuses of intensity that rose, the most outstanding were those of Tiryns, Pylos, Midea in the Orchomenos, Peloponnese, Thebes, as well as Athens in Central Greece and Iolcos in Thessaly. The most conspicuous site was Mycenae, in the Argolid, after which the way of life of this period is named.

Mycenaean and Mycenaean-affected settlements additionally showed up in Macedonia, Epirus, on islands in the Aegean Sea, on the shoreline of Asia Minor, Cyprus, Levant, and Italy.


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Crete Mycenaean civilisation


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