Wellness tourism and the best 3 wellness quotes in Europe.

Become a part of the Wellness Tourism and the best wellness quotes. Explore many unique and amazing locations, in beautiful Greece.

What exactly are the wellness tourism and the wellness quotes? In this article, you will find the definition for these terms and very useful suggestions and tips from experts. Regarding wellness resorts, gastronomy, yoga lessons, Stress management sessions, Reflexology and many more.

Wellness tourism place our health as the main purpose, of your travel experience. Combined with spa treatments, exercise, yoga lessons for Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga, well-being activities and amazing recipes from the famous Greek cuisine.

You will notice that your overall health will improve in less time. You will lose also, any extra pounds. As well as you will enjoy physical and mental stability. Followers notice that it will bring change in the health. The experts will be at your side to guide you and teach you new methods to restore serenity to your body and your mind. You will surely enjoy the improvement in your physical and your mental health.

3 best wellness quotes and travel packages. 

1) Zagori wellness tourism! 

Getting a chance to experience Zagori wellness tourism is one of the best decisions you made. In Epirus, the beautiful part of Green in the north-west you can enjoy the most unspoiled and rewarding canvases.

Zagori is an un-hyped heaven where you will only find respectful overtures of nature made by man. Just visit Zagori on the 6 days Wellness trips and you will come back as a new person. In the inspirational landscapes of Zagori, you will have an uplifting experience. You will get a chance to explore.

a) 46 alpine villages. b) Area connected with zigzag roads. c) Everything tucked in mountain ranges.

Once you are in the area it will make you feel like you have entered something pure. It would be hard for you to think about even leaving the place for once. You will enjoy most, the amazing yoga lessons and the spa treatments.


What is included

  • Accommodation for Five nights, at 4* hotel.
  • All the meals according to the daily itinerary.
  • All Transfers and guide’s fees.
  • Cooking lessons and One wine tasting tour.
  • Spa treatments and Stress management sessions.
  • 6 days of yoga classes with Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga.
  • Vital essential oil massage. Aroma retreat sections.
  • Admission fees to all archaeological & cultural places.


One of Europe’s most rewarding and unspoiled location.

Zagori is beautifully tucked into the northwestern corner of Greece. It is located in the region of Epirus that is famous for its mountain ranges of Pindus mountain range. The stunning beauty of these mountains is hard to ignore. The entire area covers about 1000 square Km. There are 46 villages in the area that are known as Zagori villages.

There is an average of 4 inhabitants per square Km. Including the Vikos Gorge, there are two stunning national parks. The Zagori wellness tourism will provide you with a chance to explore Greece in a unique way.

Google Map: Zagori.

Area: 989.8 km2
Region: Epirus

Coordinates: 39°52′N 20°42′E

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2) A spiritual journey to Corfu island. 

The true meaning of Yoga is union. It is the union of mind, body and spirit which is divine. Traditionally there are 4 important types of Yoga lessons and each of this type leads to the state of the union. Stay in an amazing boutique hotel near Corfu Town, for eight nights. Based on double occupancy.


What is included:

  • Included all the transportations. Three excursion tours in the beautiful island.
  • Breakfasts and meals with traditional Greek cuisine.
  • Daily lessons for Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga. For beginners and advanced level as well.
  • Wine tasting tour in the Corfu’s best wine varieties.
  • For cultural sites and all the archaeological locations. All the admission fees.


What’s the difference between Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga?

Both Vinyasa and Hatha yoga work to build adaptability and quality. As well as it enhances breathing and calms the brain. Each type of yoga intends to make wellness of the body and psyche. However, the path to these objectives’ contrasts. The investigation of Hatha, also known as Hatha Vidya. Began in fifteenth-century India and earned a notoriety for cleansing the body in anticipation of reflection. Vinyasa yoga, additionally called Ashtanga yoga. Most importantly, it is a quickly paced arrangement of stances or asanas that spotlight. On the stream between developments, as opposed to singular postures.

Hatha Yoga

Since Hatha yoga’s pace is moderate and delicate. Most importantly, it is a perfect beginning spot for individuals who are new to yoga. One of the all the more difficult parts of a yoga hone is joining developments with breathing control. However, pranayama; a moderate pace helps newcomers in moving accurately with the breath as indicated by Hatha standards. Understudies of Hatha yoga hold each posture through a few breaths. Moreover, Vinyasa understudies take one breathe in or breathe out for each posture.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa yoga requires a working learning of yoga and is further developed than Hatha yoga. Moreover, in that, it requests all the more physically through the postures. This type of yoga is a progression of stances that work the cardiovascular framework with its streaming developments and brisk pace. Most importantly, the majority of the stances are connected and joined. However, with inward breaths and exhalations meant to assemble warm in the body.

Google Map: Corfu Island.

Region: Ionian Islands
Area: 610.9 km2 (235.9 sq mi)

Coordinates: 39°35′N 19°52′E

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Yoga for beginners

The pure connection of mind and body. 

The initial phase in yoga is that you need to associate your psyche with your body. The explanation behind this association is to guarantee that your body and psyche will dispose of all the natural contemplations. You will just consider yourself and what you need. There will be no contemplations by any means. The minute you will achieve the more elevated amount of association you will see that your brain will be associated with your spirit and that is where your body will really encounter genuine unwinding.


Release all the negativity. 

The greatest favourable position of yoga is that it will assist you with getting free of all the negative vitality.

  1. You need to focus on your body and the posture you are making
  2. With moderate developments and focus, you will have the capacity to dispose of all the negativity.
  3. Your psyche will be clear and you will have nothing to consider

When you will have no musings in your mind you will see that your whole body will unwind in light of the fact that there will be nothing to worry about.


Breath in and breath out and all stress is gone. 

Truly outstanding and easiest activities that we need to perform in Yoga are the breath in and breath out exercise. Here we focus on the breathing example that causes us to disregard every one of the contemplations. Aside from that, the level of oxygen in your body will increment. You will see that yoga will assist you with getting free of the worry in your muscles. At the point when appropriate oxygen will achieve the muscles, it will assist you with getting free of lactic corrosive thus the exhaustion will be soothed. Along these lines, yoga will help loosen up the psyche and body.


Start your day with a smile. 

After yoga, you will see that it will get simpler for you to begin your day with a grin. There will be no pressure, negative musings in your psyche and no weariness in your body. Along these lines, when you will have your yoga tangle you will see that your body will feel like you have quite recently woken up from the best rest in light of the fact that all that you will have as a top priority is unwinding and positivity in Zagori Wellness Tourism.


The best advice for beginners!

There are many people who are planning to start Yoga lessons. The real issue is that they do not know which type of yoga will be best for them. However, it is better to know that as a beginner you should start slow. It is better to look for techniques which are easier to maintain. It is the only way you will be able to maintain the posture.

If you will start with difficult postures it will get hard for you to maintain the pose. The reason is that your body is not flexible enough. This is the reason it gets hard for you to get the results which you need. It is better you ask your experts before starting. They will provide you with the best guideline on how to start yoga. However, you have to be careful with the process. Moreover, follow the Yoga lessons properly for better results.