3 Top wine tours in Greece; Best tips with significant suggestions.

Combine the extraordinary wine tours in Greece with great activities.
With the famous culture from ancient Greece, spectacular locations, or with sports and cycling trips.

Wine tours in Greece are very popular, all over the world. Greece is also considered as the mother country of wine, since ancient Greece even had its own wine god, Dionysus. Here you will find some of the oldest wine manufacturing companies. The surprising part is that many wine companies are still using historical instruments to prepare wine. It is believed that the true flavour of wine can only be preserved in wooden drums.

Greece proudly boasts an overwhelming number of award-winning wineries where you can not only savour some of the most succulent Greek wines. But soak in a great deal of knowledge about wines and grape varieties, Like Agiorgitiko and Moschofilero. Explore wine tours with legendary wine cultures and popular festivals in Greece.

What to do in Greece and Best trips

Wine tasting tour combined with Greek CULTURE.

Explore Southern  Greece, notably the region Laconia. With castles and remarkable landmarks like Mystras, ancient Sparta and the medieval town of Monemvassia. In the same time, you will enjoy excellent accommodations, boutique hotels and traditional Greek recipes. Walk in the footsteps of the famous Dionysus. Learn about the wines consumed in the time of Philosopher Plato and taste the greatest Greek wine labels of today!

Built around the ancient Greek philosophy. One convivial marriage of spectacular cuisine and popular wines. Taste amazing and award-winning wines with intoxicating aromas and intense texture. In conjunction with autochthonic distinctive native varieties like Kydwnitsa and Mauroudi.

Suggestions: Time – All year round. Tour type – Small groups and couples. 6, 8 or 10 days. Wine and culture tour, Package.


What is included: 

  • Transportation from the airport (Eleutherius Venizelos).
  • For self-guided tours and trips, car rental included.
  • Accommodation in 4 stars hotel or Exclusive boutique hotel. Double occupancy.
  • Breakfasts and meals, plus two gourmet meals at famous and popular restaurants.
  • Tasting tours and wine trips at premium wineries. English speaking certified guide.
  • Optional and only for the self-guided trips, all the admission fees for all the archaeological & cultural locations.


Exceptional flavours.

The flavour of the fresh wine is always better than bottle wine. The reason is that there are no preservatives in the wine. You will get the wine that is just out of the container. It means that it is simply the juice of fruits. There are no chemicals to enhance the flavour. As well as no powders to protect it for a long time. When they will pour the wine in your glass it will not be cold like wine you have at the home.

You might feel like warm wine is not going to be delicious. However, when you will take the first sip, you will fall in love with the wines’ full, fruity and authentic taste. You can try all the available flavours that you might not find in your local market. It will surprise you, with the list of flavours that are available.


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Wine tour Nafplion

Wine tours in Greece, combined with SPORTS – CYCLING! 

You will be able to ride through vineyards. Get a chance to visit the historic landmarks of Greece wineries. You can know how the wine is made and experience the flavours you can enjoy. Explore the way how experts will blend the best wines. You will get fine meals as well as rest in boutique hotels. The best cycling routes will allow you to explore everything in the best possible way.

The Wine tasting tour has a special design that will allow you to experience everything. You will not like to leave a simple spot in the area. It will be a 4 to 8 days tour that will allow you to enjoy everything in. Locations as, Mycenae, Nafplion and Nemea.

Suggestions: Time – March to December. Tour type – Small groups. From 4 to 8 days. Wine and Cycle tour, Package.


What is included: 

  • Wine Tours & tastings at award-winning wineries.
  • English speaking certified guide.
  • Transportation from & to the airport, from & to all destinations.
  • 4 or 8 nights’ Accommodations in 3 stars and 4 stars hotels (based on double occupancy).
  • Meals as indicated in the itinerary.
  • Admission fees to all archaeological & cultural sites.
  • Greecefully’s guide(s) and support vehicle Use of bike, energy bar, water bottle and gear.


Experience winemaking process:

You will have permission from the wine companies, to follow the Wine production process. It will start with the selection of the best grapes. They only collect the finest grapes. After that, they will take you in the zones where fruits with grapes are stored. As well as how the grapes are processed into delicious wines.

Do not forget to visit the brewing process where flavours are added to the wine. In the end, you will experience the extraction process. It will feel like you are in a new world, where everything is unique. The entire factories are made in traditional way. It helps to maintain the original flavour.

Explore the best Wine Tasting tours, that you will never forget. Enjoy the best wineries and the delicious freshly brewed wine you will find nowhere else. Experts are here with all the services you can possibly need.


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For Nemea and Nafplion >>


Wine tasting country tour
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Wine country, combined with COUNTRY PEREGRINATION.

Wine tasting and country tours will allow you to enjoy Greece from a glass of wine. It will feel like you will start the journey from the beginning. It is a 4500 years old tour. Some of the finest wines in ancient winemaking factories of Greece will provide you with the best experience. One unforgettable wine country experience and a lifetime journey.

You will get the chance to enjoy the bottles that come from finest labels. You will never go back without having some of the best wines. Explore the countryside of Greece with the amazing villages, timeless landmarks as well as the coastal cities. Rest in boutique hotels as well as experience some of the best recipes.


Suggestions: Time – All year round. Tour type – Individuals and small groups. 8 or 10 days. A wine country tour, Package.


What is included: 

  • Transportation from/to the airport. Wine tours at award-winning wineries.
  • Visit famous archaeological and historical locations. Like Acropolis, Epidaurus, Nafplion and Mikines. 
  • 8 nights Accommodation in 4 stars hotel  (based on double occupancy).
  • 8 breakfasts, 7 meals, plus 2 gourmet meals at unique restaurants with traditional cuisine.
  • English speaking certified guide for all Wine tours in Greece.
  • Cooking lessons, Optional and only for the self-guided trips.


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Wine culture in Greece
Wine experience in Greece

Here you will find useful information, about the historical locations:

Monemvasia, Ancient Sparta, Ancient Mycenae, Nafplion and Nemea.

Geography, History, Mythology, Pictures, Museums, Climate, Tips form the locals, Google maps and Wikipedia links.


Area: 941.8 km2 (349.2 sq mi), Population: 1,525, Municipal unit density: 22/km2 (61/sq mi).
Google Map: > Monevasia, Time Zone: UTC +2, Coordinates: 36°41′N 23°3′E.

History: whereas depopulated in antiquity, the rock could have been the location of a Minoan trading post. Pausanias, the famous Greek mortal and expert, mentioned the site as “Akra Minoa“, which interprets to “Minoan Promontory“.

Today: In 1971, Monemvasia became connected with the remainder of the outside world through a bridge on the western facet that connects to GR-86. in additional recent history, the city has seen an improvement in importance with increasing numbers of tourists visiting the location and also the region. The medieval buildings are rebuilt, and lots of them regenerate to hotels.

Ancient Sparta

Area: 1,182.8 km2 (455.2 sq mi), Population: 35,270, Lowest elevation: 200 m (700 ft).
Google Map: > Sparta, PeloponneseTime Zone: UTC +2, Coordinates: 37°4′N 22°26′E.

Given its military pre-eminence, Sparta was recognized because of the overall leader of the combined Greek forces throughout the Greco-Persian Wars. Between 431 and 404 B.C., Sparta was the principal enemy of Athens throughout the Peloponnesian war, from that it emerged victorious, although at a good value of lives lost.

Sparta’s defeat by Thebes within the Battle of the battle of Leuctra in 371 B.C. finished Sparta’s distinguished role in the Hellenic Republic. However, it maintained its political independence till the Roman conquest of Hellenic Republic in 146 B.C.

Ancient Mycenae

Location: Argolis in north-eastern Peloponnese, Google Map: > Mycenae.

Period: Bronze Age, Discovered: 1876, Type: Classical Greek city and temple ruins.

History: Mycenae was built on a hill of 920 feet above sea level, some 13 miles inland from the Gulf of Argolis. The population had grown considerably by the Middle Helladic. On Early and Middle Bronze Age. Outside the partial circuit wall, Grave Circle B, named for its insertion wall, contained 10 cist graves in Middle Helladic traditional style and several other shaft graves. Sunken additional deeply, with interments resting in cists.

By 1200 BC, the facility of Mycenae was declining; finally, during the twelfth century before Christ, Mycenaean dominance collapsed entirely.


Administrative region: Peloponnese, Google Map: > Nafplio.
Population: 33,356, Area: 390.2 km2 (150.7 sq. mi), Coordinates: 37°34′N 22°48′E.

History: the town surrendered to the Ottomans in 1540, who renamed it Mora Yenişehri and established it because of the seat of a sanjak. At that period, Nafplio looked significantly just like the 16th-century image shown below to the right. The Venetians after a century retook Nafplio in 1685 and made this beautiful city capital of their “Kingdom of the Morea”. The town was strengthened by building the castle of Palamidi, which it was actually, the last major construction of the Venetian empire overseas.

Architecture: Nafplio maintains a standard type of architecture with several vibrant buildings. Influenced by the Venetians (domination of 1338-1540). Also, modern-era classical buildings are preserved Mycenaean Revival design vogue.

nemea games

Location: Corinthia, Google Map: > Nemea, Coordinates: 37°48′32″N 22°42′37″E.

Myth, legend and history: In Greek mythology, Nemea was dominated by king Lycurgus and Queen Eurydice. Nemea was renowned in Greek myth because of the home of the Nemean lion, which was killed by the hero Hercules. Also for the location where the kid Opheltes, lying on a bed of parsley, was killed by a serpent whereas his nurse fetched water for the Seven on their method from Argos to Thebes.

At the temenos, the grave of Opheltes was enclosed by alfresco altars and basined inside a fencing. The sanctuary’s necessary spring was named Adrasteia: Pausanias questioned whether or not it had the name as a result of AN “Adrastos” had “discovered” it. However, Adrasteia the “inescapable one”, was a nurse of the infant Zeus in Crete. This place is also renowned as one of the first ancient location, considering all the wine tours in Greece, for all times.

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