Best Time to Visit Greece: If Greece is Not a Year-Round Vacation Destination, What is?

And you thought golden-sand beaches, volcanic islands, rocky caves and vineyard landscapes alone. Make Greece stand out as a world-recognized and much-loved tourist destination. Beyond idyllic destinations, religious heritage and architecture and several attractions. There is this pleasant weather as well as cultural happenings throughout the year, which give international holidaymakers a firm reason to visit Greece.

To express the year-round charm of Greece, we bring you insights into Greek events and weather in different months of the year. Which lure in thousands of travelers from across the world.

Visit-Greece-1January -February:
The beginning of the New Year marks the celebration of Ragoutsaria in Northern Greece. The modern Dionysian carnival takes place in Kastoria region of Macedonia. Which features dance troupes, masquerade bands, pulsating music and performances by top brass bands.

In some years, you could witness the beginning of Carnival and Clean Monday celebrations in February wherein centuries-old traditions and local customary performances are a common sight.

With the first month of spring come the captivating views of early rains, wildflowers all around, glorious skies and rocky landscapes.

The spring season is in bloom while the temperatures continue to warm up. And yes its’ Easter time and Corfu boasts exude a peculiar blend of Easter customs and traditions from both Eastern and Western culture.

Fragrant and multi-hued, the last month of spring is quite inexpensive and crowd-free to visit the mainland of Greece.

June- August:
Here comes the summer season combined with the best of spring. While the weather is too warm, the time from early July to the end of August is considered the peak holiday season in Greece for lively beaches and crazy parties.



Summer meets autumn create a great time for budget-concerned, solo travelers to visit Greece. The perfect atmosphere and picturesque landscapes also invite enough island-hoppers.

Temperatures are high but the climate is mild and perfect for exploring varied cities and sites on a budget.

The weather is cool and pleasant. In addition, Thessaloniki celebrates the International Film Festival. Which exhibits unique cultures and atmosphere in Northern Greece.

The Christmas time attracts quite a lot of travelers, particularly from the UK owing to the cool weather and vibrant holiday spirit and celebrations all around the mainland of Greece. With all the months holding something for holidaymakers from around the world to enjoy, it is evident that Greece is a celebrated all year-round holiday destination.

So seemingly, there’s no need to plan off-season holidays when there opportunities for all year vacations to Greece.
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