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Discover the unique Greece Holiday Packages from the expert team of Greefully.
Here are some of the most popular trips to get you inspired for 2019.  

Who wouldn’t want to take a trip to the home of Greek mythology, where gods, humans and mythical creatures once walked the earth? Movies and books have spoken so much about Greece, especially Athens. Consequently, the interest we have in the Greek scenery has piqued. Planning a trip to Greece.

First of all, when travelling to Greece, one has to think of a travel designer. To properly soak into the culture of Greece, and visit charming places. Consequently, using the services of a travel designer is a very smart decision.


Why you need a travel designer for your Greece Holiday Packages?

A travel designer is an expert in the culture of a place, and in this case, Greece that creates uniquely-tailored tours and interesting journeys for travellers. Opting for a travel designer comes with its perks as the tourist is certainly ushered into a very personalized trip with delightful experiences.

Who would want to spend his or her time, heading to Greece, and not getting the feel of the land? Absolutely no one. Getting a travel designer for your Greece Holiday Packages, allows you to easily bask in the culture, adventure and everything that concerns the Greek culture and scenery. Is that all? Definitely not.

Not only do you bask in everything that the Greek culture has to offer, a travel designer, above all, ensures that you have access to the best accommodations, personalized itineraries and lots more. Above all, your experience will be heightened.

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Greece Holiday Packages

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1) Aegean Adventure

The Aegean Sea is one place that every human should step his or her feet in. The amazing turquoise waters are gorgeous to the eyes. Imagine taking a dive into that blue body of water, as the water cascades through your body. If as a tourist, diving in is not your thing, take a cruise to the different islands around the body of water. Things most noteworthy are the beautiful Aegean Islands that surround the Archipelago. Many of them are known in Greek mythology and were places where gods and mythical creatures dwelled.

Is it the Mykonos Island or the Delos Island that is known for its infinite knowledge in Greek Mythology? What of the Island, Rineia that boasts of beautiful beaches? Imagine boasting such pictures on Instagram, definitely heavenly.

Should we speak about the Island of Tinos that not only boast of serene waters but traditional food that appeals to the taste buds? What of Island of Syros that speaks of incredible architecture? Out of every Island in the Southern Aegean, this island screams of both ancient and modern arts.

Similarly, there are other Islands like Antiparos, Paros, and Despotiko that come with their ancient Cycladic architecture, unseen anywhere else. Likewise, one can easily bask in the beauty of Irakleia, Koufonissia, and Schinoussa. Luxury tours.

Aegean Adventure

2) Athens City Break

When our mind goes to Athens, what do we think of? Definitely, the great civilization that it boasted of long years in the past. What of its intriguing gods like Zeus that ruled earthlings from Mount Olympus?

While Athens may have been noted for its gods, it really is a beautiful city that screams of a lot of achievements. In this beautiful city, modern lifestyle clashes with tradition. As a part of your Greece Holiday Packages, you will have access to the remains of Classical Athens. Many persons have watched a lot of movies set in Classical Athens, what of if they were told that they could walk those places?

Athens was a city to be reckoned with, with its port of Piraeus, which ushered in people and commodities of all kind. The Great Plato and Aristotle set up the Academy and Lyceum in Athens, respectively. Hence, the city is seen as the birth of both democracy and Western civilization.

One step into this city will leave you wanting for more, as you will have access to the Athenian Riviera, Acropolis, and its intriguing beauty. What of Attica that is perfect for the perfect strolls, especially when you are in a company? Imagine staring into the eyes of your loved one, and mimicking the stance of those that lived in the Classical Athens. Not only is Attica romantic, but the likes of Aristotle and Socrates also took walks there regularly.

While in Athens, one can easily treat the taste buds to the best of the Mediterranean gastronomy. Taking a walk to the Great Greek God of the Waters, Poseidon Temple at Cape Sounio, while at Athens will definitely leave you in awe. Consequently, a trip to Greece can never be termed successful if the Greek City of Athens is ignored.

Athens City Break

3) Multi-Active Trip

When one thinks of Greece, he or she thinks of bliss, and this is something that everyone’s Greek Holiday Package should possess. Greece seems to have been created by unseen forces, and that can be seen in its natural and archaeological marvels. Civilization may have come, but it definitely didn’t wipe out the traditional lifestyle of the Greeks, especially the coastal Greece. Have you thought of taking a hike in Peloponnese, or cycling there?

Peloponnese is sited in Southern Greece and was called Morea in the late Middle Ages.

The region was once listed as the best place on Lonely Planet’s Best in Europe list in 2016. As a peninsula, Peloponnese is divided from the mainland Greece by the Corinth Canal. Though it is an Island, it is rarely seen as one.

The Peninsula is tied to ancient Greek mythology, especially the mythical figure of Pelops. According to the myth, Pelops was a hero that merged the lands together and gave it its name, Peloponnesos. The word, Peloponnesos, translates to “Island of Pelops.” The Peninsula saw the rise and fall of many civilizations like the Mycenaean civilization in the Bronze Age.

Taking a hike or cycling in this beautiful Peninsula cum Island will leave you wanting more.


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Travel advisor for Greece

4) Wine and culture tour.

Whereas taking this unique tour, of Laconia, and its intriguing castles, exploring the best local varieties of wine like Mauroudi and Kydwnitsa, sounds like an amazing start for your journey. What if we tend to tell you that Plato drank similar wines?

The country is additionally renowned for its stunning landmarks that have stood the check of your time like an evergreen metropolis, Mystras, and Monemvassia, a medieval city that rocked the traditional mythology. Therefore, admixture the local wine and its culture can create the perfect itinerary for your vacations.

As you tour Greece, you can have access to the great city of the world famous Sparta. With this culture and wine tasting package, you will have the opportunity to taste some of the 300 great varieties.  Especially at the home of Pelops, the peninsula Peloponnese.


What is included!

  • Tasting tours at a premium and award-winning wineries.
  • Accommodation for seven nights in Boutique and 4* hotels
  • Seven greek breakfasts, six meals and two gourmet meals.
  •  English speaking certified guide for all culture tours.
  • All the admission fees to all archaeological & cultural sites.
  • Transportation to and from all destinations.

Greecefully invites you to taste the very best of these wine labels with one tasting tour for 8 days. Visiting very popular and great archaeological sites such as Epidaurus and the amazing Mystras region.

The first day your journey will start with one tasting tour in Nemea and Argolida regions. There you will taste one of the world’s finest reds in Europe. One boutique hotel waiting for you at the spectacular city of Nauplion.

Wine tours in Greece

5) Wellness Zagori experiences

When Greece is concerned, it is known to be home of not only Western civilization but a whole lot of holistic treatments. Greece is a replica of heaven of earth, possessing the best of scenic activities, yoga for beginners, numerous holistic treatments that will leave you at peace with yourself.

No matter how stressed a person is, a trip to Greece and its wonders will leave one at peace with himself.

A lot of these take place in Epirus. As the northwestern part of the country, Epirus reminds of us of a place that is yet to be eroded by the wonders of the modern world. For that reason, it boasts of an amazing Zagori landscape, as well as alpine villages that are neatly protected from the outside world by a zigzag of roads laced with awesome mountainsides.

While there, you can navigate through the kalderimi- old mule trails- ancient stone bridges that have been in use for centuries, and the untouched forests.

While at Epirus, you are sure to have access to a myriad of flora and fauna like bears, deer, foxes, and the coniferous vegetation.

Zagori wellness experience

6) Greek Mountains

A trip to Greece can’t be complete if one doesn’t add the mountains that have been in a lot of Greek myths like Mount Pelion and Mount Olympus.

There is hardly anyone that hasn’t heard of Mount Olympus, the home of the Greek Gods. As the home of the Olympian Gods, it was ruled by the Great Zeus. With its impeccable scenery, one can say that the myths did little or no justice to the beautiful Mountain. As one itinerary in a person’s Greece Holiday Package, he or she will definitely soak in its impressible habitats and wonder if really the Greek Gods were myths and not real.

While exploring the mountains, you will have access to walk the forests of Zeus, the Valley that hosted the Muses in the Greek mythology, and the original homes of the Greek legend- the Spring of Centaurs.

As the highest mountain in the entire country, Mount Olympus is seen as not only a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve but a revered place to the Greeks, both Ancient and Modern ones.

The Greek Gods lived their daily lives at Mount Olympus, during the summer, they resided at Mount Pelion.

When the Classical Greeks wanted to have access to the evergreen wisdom of the Centaurs, they visited the Mount Pelion.

Taking a hike through the quaint villages that were once occupied by the wisest of persons, or the scenic Portaria will leave you wanting more. Through boat rides, you can have access to Poseidon Caves, caves that were ruled solely by Poseidon- the god of the waters.

Rafting Lousios

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